Opinion plz! Am I crazy for thinking about selling my 05 gray reissue & baby cabas?

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  1. Hi all, as some of you may know, I am expecting my 1st child and she will arrive in October! So recently I have been trying to revamp my chanel handbag collection - buy bags that are bigger, more durable that I think I will be able to use after the baby is born, and sell bags that have been just sitting in my closet most of the time.

    Well, my 05 gray 226 reissue is definitely gorgy, it was the bag that got me really addicted to chanel, BUT because it is kind of small (don't fit all my essentials - I wish one day I will get a 227 instead.) that I rarely used it. And plus I am too afraid to mess up the leather, so I have probably used it for like 3 times. While I have always looked at it as my HG, now I am having 2nd thought and really think about whether I should keep it. I really don't want this beauty to just sit in my closet, I mean bags are meant to be used and I am not rich enough to just be a collector.

    I am also wondering if I should keep my bronze baby cabas, I was very excited when I got the bag (the waitlist was long...). But this one I actually think it is kinda big for me (I am not too used to a big size bag, I am more like a mid-size bag person since I am short, only 5'1"). So I have also only used it for a couple of times though I also love the color and I got complement about it everytime I used it....

    It is not easy to say goodbye to these gorgeous bags, but I also think that I should get rid of bags I don't use. Am I crazy thinking about selling these babies? :confused1:
  2. That's funny because i have the same dilemma about the my grey anniversary 227!!
    I kind of like the newer gray better BUT keep it!! its an anniversary edition and i think you might regret letting it go. Good luck!
  3. Even though you are expecting a baby, you will still have need for a smaller bag sometimes. I love the 05 anniversary reissue, and was always sorry I never got one. I think this is a special bag, so I would say hold onto it. If you switch over to large bags for the baby, you will miss your smaller bags sooner or later. Why not wait (if you can) till the baby comes, and see what your exact needs are at that time.

    I know when my daughter was born (a long time ago :P), I also switched to big bags, to make it easier. But after a while, I missed my other small or medium bags. I then carried my regular bag, and brought along a diaper bag. This worked fine for me.

    However, if you really find you are not using the 05 reissue or the baby cabas (another favorite of mine), and haven't in a long time, then sell. No need holding things you do not use. But I would think the cabas might come in handy now, it's a larger sized bag. But only you know how you feel about them, but I would wait till the baby comes and see how you feel then. I hate to sell then regret. Good luck with this desicion.
  4. ^ thanks! I actually do like the 05 gray a lot more than the 08 gray, the 08 gray looks too "flat" to me, the 05 gray has more depth if you know what I mean.
    But even before I have this baby, I still haven't really used the reissue bag, to me it is more like looking at it and admiring it than actually using it, which really is a waste of $$, KWIM?

    The cabas is just too big for my petite frame - not looking that good on me IMO, I doubt I will use it even after baby's arrival although it may be a durable "diaper bag" (though I wouldn't want to use a $2000 as a diaper bag!). Oh, I dunno what to do!
  5. well if you're thinking about selling ur cabas can i be first in line :P;)
    although both are gorgeous bags!
  6. I think you have answered your own question. You seem to like both bags, but for whatever reasons you are not using them. And if you feel you have held onto them long enough, and still haven't really used them, then sell. Think about it for at least a week, and if you still feel the same way, sell. It's hard to part with bags you love, even when you don't use them. But I agree, it is a waste of money if they just sit there.
  7. personally, i don't hoard bags or things just because i like to look at them or because they are rare and covetable -- if i don't use them (for whatever reason), they go to someone who will. i (like larkie) have a fairly stricit one-in one-out rule so if i am torn about selling a bag, i am reassured that it will be replaced by one that i actually use.
  8. I would keep the 05 grey -- I consider mine very special, and it would take a lot to make me let mine go.
  9. well I can understand why you are considering selling the bags- as a mother with a toddler I beleive a 226 reissue is not suitable for me. But that cabas may be useful- espically if your out for the day u want a stylish bag. If u do consider selling the cabas I just hope u dont let it go for too cheap because that bag is soo in demand- and u dont want 2 regret later on selling off ur cabas
  10. ^and I forgot to add congrats :choochoo:and good luck x
  11. Congrats on your expecting !!
    A wise woman (hairdresser) once told me NEVER to make weighty decisions when I am hormonal (ie pregnancy, period) because women tend to think a wee bit irrationally, and make decisions they come to regret.
    With that being said the baby cabas is a beautiful bag and Im sure it will accomodate your needs well after the baby is born. Not to mention the bronze is such a yummy color. The 226 anniversary reissue is a gorgeous bag, esp in the color, and you can use it for evenings out or even events.
    Maybe you should wait it out for a couple of weeks and see if you still feel the same way about it.
    I dont know, I hope I helped. :shrugs:

  12. Thanks! I can't wait to meet my little baby girl!! I am so excited to have her - I was thinking maybe when she's old enough I can go Chanel shopping with her and both get addicted to Chanel (though her dad will probably kill me :P!)
  13. do you have others that you can sell ? i think you can use the baby cabas often after baby born. its pretty good size bag and will fit lots of baby stuff..
    and the grey 05 is an anniversary bag that very hard to get.. so thinking to sell something else that easier to buy later.... :P
  14. Last weekend I was shopping in Beverly Hills and I actually saw this young mom using the bronze baby cabas while holding her toddler. So I bet the baby cabas is a good size to accomodate the need with a couple of diapers, bottles etc. But I think with the cabas I am more concerned how it looks on me b/c I am short (which really has nothing to do with the baby coming - though now I am not only short but also fat, LOL).

    I am also thinking about selling an LV Belem PM (very durable Damier of couse, but I am not sure if I will use hand-held bags with kids being around). And another one that I think about selling is another Chanel - hand held light silver deerksin bowler bag from 06. Again, nice leather and color, just don't know if I want to use hand held bag ever again with kids around.
  15. I am a mom of two young ones :yes: and I have both a reissue and a Cabas that I use. I take the reissue to work and use the cabas as a weekend bag. It's very durable and I've actually used it as a diaper bag.

    As for the 226, I can barely fit my stuff into a 227 so 226 would be way too small for me.

    I would say if you are not using the bags, you should sell them and may be buy a couple of caviar bags that will be very durable and that you'll use

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup: