Opinion please -- new Versace Diva purse

  1. OK, so I just found a new object of my shallow obsession (since it's strongly encouraged here :p) and it comes handsomely retro dressed in the form of this Versace Diva purse.

    :crybaby:not good for my pocket but I sooo love it. I'm starting to save for it now but would like to know the opinion of other tpf-ers

    Here are some pics
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. ^I dont see any pics?
  3. Sorry -- had some technical issues (site wouldn't let me insert them initially)
  4. Yeah! I like it, especially the last color. It's like a classic frame bag that got punk'd, structured yet edgy. :sneaky:
  5. ufff, balihai88 you're not helping my wallet :devil: -- especially that this croc stamped that you like (me too) is $220 less on eluxury compared to Saks! ouch!!! ;)
  6. LOVE THIS BAG! What a great modern take on a classic style. This bag makes a classy statement. It says to me "Lady with an edge, you better beware" How much is this bag? :cool:
  7. I love the red and the croc. Really cool.

  8. Whopping $2.6K :yucky: -- but I'm hoping that by the time I have a significant amount saved up it'll go on sale :sweatdrop:
  9. Hi:I like the black and the white. I seem to like bags with side pockets to keep petty items.

  10. ^ITA! As Tyra Banks would say, the bag is FIERCE!:jammin:
  11. I love the red one a lot! The croc is nice too!