Opinion On Mulberry Brooke

  1. I just got this from Sale... the Black colour... It's really cute but I start to have second thoughts because of the huge chains... How do people actually wear this bag? Because I find the chains rather distracting... like occupying my entire look... :sweatdrop:

    Should I keep it or return it??? hmmm....
  2. Is it possible to post a pic?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I have this bag and kept reaching for it when wearing a business suit. It's been sitting in my closet since warm weather hit.
  5. Hi sorry it may sound stupid but why is it not good for warm weather?
  6. Not stupid at all. I just don't seem to like it with lighter weight clothes. Plus the chain gets hot.

    It was my main bag through the winter and it is beautiful. Enjoy yours!
  7. I want to like the Brooke....but I just can't. The chains are too: look at me, I'm a chain. It is not feminine, attractive, or normal. In my opinion. Sorry.
  8. A friend of mine have this one too and it looks awesome on her. I would keep it, you just gotta know how to wear it :tup:
  9. Thanks for the opinions girls... very much appreciated... I've decided to keep it... hopefully I'll get much use of it... :smile:
  10. I really like the look of this bag, the bag itself is understated enough to have a chunky chain handle, imo. :yes: I love the idea of wearing it with a business suit, that would make a statement and add just the right amount of personality... And it obviously goes easily with jeans & boots as well. I'm not really sure about how I would feel about this style together with, say a pretty light coloured summer dress, but it might look cute if you would pair it with flats in the same colour. Congrats on a great bag!
  11. Yay for you- it's a lovely bag!
  12. This is why i had problems ... with the chain in summer :tdown: I had this converstion about the Brooke a while ago here on the PF .... the Brooke doesn't suit me at all i have difficulty keeping it on my shoulder , but all this aside i love how it looks on others.