Only fake handbags or...

  1. I hope it's OK to ask a "shoe question" on this forum, but it is inspired by all of the fake handbags that I see on eBay. So, my question is - how come there are so many fake handbags and no fake designer shoes? Or are there? I haven't seen anybody talk or sell those? How come?
  2. I've heard of fakes shoes before. Try asking in the shoe subforum. I think someone came across some fake Louboutins actually. Seriously, everything is faked these days. I've even heard clothes are faked.
  3. oh there are plenty of fake shoes! lol. the counterfeiting business is a 4 BILLION dollar (a year) industry.. they'll fake ANYTHING.
  4. You see a lot more fake handbags than shoes, simply because handbags can yield a bigger profit for the fakers. However, shoes are still faked, but I don't think they're quite as popular.
  5. ^I concur, there's a lot of counterfeit shoes as well. . . but this a Bag Blog so we talk more about the faked handbags! ;)
  6. Fake handbags, fake shoes, what will they think of next?
  7. fake makeup?
  8. oh yeaaaaaa lots of fake shoes.. nike adidas Louboutins diors etc... they fake it all.. quite sad :sad:
  9. I've seen quite a few fake designer shoes, especially LV. I had a few pictures in my photobucket account of them (multicolore boots, cherry blossom wedges, etc.) but I deleted them awhile ago.
    But they DO exist.
    I was wearing my white MC wedges a couple years ago and some girl at my school asked me where I got apparently she thought they were fake because she was holding a fake bag herself.

    IMO, I think there are more fake bags than shoes because shoes aren't as noticeable as a handbag is. In my experience, more people see your bag first, rather than your shoes, so it isn't really a high priority to have fake designer shoes. But then again, I really don't know why people do what they do.
  10. Here are just a couple on ebay. It's getting better but there still are fakes there..
  11. I wish people would help me with Lv shoes :crybaby: I'm trying to find real ones for around 80-200 (It is possible, several Mypoupettes/fashionphile have sold shoes in the past that low) but I can't tell the difference a lot of times. I'm also difficult to shop for because I have size US 10 feet (which means 40-42 circa).

    I can tell you there is one seller on ebay who sells obvious MC fakes because he calls them the "eyehole" collection.
  12. Ewe! I am sorry but these are hideous!

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  14. YESS! there are a ton of fake shoes,counterfitting is becoming a big industry,almost everything is counterfitted!. Abercrombie now is being faked:wtf:
  15. of course there are fake shoes! fake prada, fake gucci, fendi, EVEN chloe (the paddy shoe line), also marc jacobs.

    I know because I've witnessed them in person. They're iffy though.