one last browns and gold question?

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  1. I went and looked at the 3 bags I was deciding between.. I want a casual but nice bag in golds or browns brass hardware.. and I have narrowed it down to these 2 which one do you guys think or if you have anything not so hot about either bag to voice :O)

    A brown sig poppy

    B khaki and bronze tote

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  2. To be honest - I like the poppy - I have it in patent and siggy khaki/gold.
    I think it is made much better than the glam tote - the glam is very nice but made on the cheap side-

    My vote would be the Poppy
  3. khaki and gold? hmmm do you have a pic of that one :O)
  4. yes..give me a min
  5. cool thanks
  6. My vote is for khaki
  7. I like the Spotlight much better. Looking at your posts, it seems that we have very similar taste! I sadly had to put down the brown Spotlight when I was at the outlet, as I was already buying 2 Audreys and a Claire that day :crybaby: However, my bf is taking me to the outlet to pick out some stuff for Valentine's day, so I might end up going home with the Spotlight afterall! :amuse:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. well now 2 audreys and a claire:nuts: is nothing to be sad about lol lol.. I guess im in this I need a comfortable casual brown ..or gold bag I have brown Lv's .. tan sabrina but just want something more casual.:smile:
  10. wow and may I say again wow... I love the bag the only hmm would be getting it dirty. I'm thinking the dark brown may last me longer.. but dang thats a show stopper very pretty thankyou for posting the pic :O):biggrin:
  11. LOL I guess it does look like I was crying/sad about the Audreys and Claire, but it was actually because I had to put down the brown Spotlight :sad: I figured I would have an easier time finding another one (if not at the outlet, then on Ebay or Bonanzle) at a lower price than the Audreys and Claire. I hope they're still there when I go with my boyfriend. I liked the Spotlight but never considered buying it until my sister got the same gold/khaki one that crazyforcoach09 posted. It looks awesome on her and I'm always trying to steal it and try it on lol.

    ETA: Like you, I also wanted it as a casual brown bag, which I think it's perfect for!

  12. you are welcome
    I am in love with the poppy:yahoo:
  13. [​IMG]

    I dont like that long strap cant come off the other bag.. :sad:
  14. B khaki and bronze tote
  15. I vote glam..its so easy to carry, and roomy..