"on a ban" Tell your reason for Why

  1. Why are you on a ban? Is it self-inflicted discipline? Pressure from boyfriends parents friends?
    Did one last purchase toss you into the ban?

    Just Wondering ?:shame:
  2. This is a self-inflicted ban...too much has been spent on LV in the last two month, and I need to save! Grad school apps are expensive:crybaby:

    But I'm just thinking about it as saving for my trip to Europe this winter...so I can buy LV THERE!
  3. I'm on a ban, inflicted by my DH. We went into the LV store around March and ended up getting the Denim neo AND the Mono Klara (I was thinking of just getting a speedy)... then in August we went back for a Wappity and ended up getting the Mono Babylone instead... needless to say my DH is a bit perplexed at how we ended up getting so many expensive purses in such a short time. :graucho:
    So I'm on a ban until next year... although I am hoping for some NM gift certificates for my 30th bday this month (and keep asking my DH for a mono or damier cles for my bday or Christmas... since it's not tooooo expensive:crybaby:)...

    I don't think I can wait until next Feb... (always hard too since I make a good amount of $ myself, so it's not like I have to have HIM pay for it... but that's the arrangement we've made... that these expensive purses will be gifts and not spur of the moment purchase on my part)... grrr I hate being on a ban!! :cursing:
  4. Self inflicted, from familial pressure and my bank account !

  5. yup, same here.. bt the ban isn't working very well... :sad:
  6. I have a set spending amount~ it is gone until Jan o7. Therefore I have to wait until then. Of course unless a green speedy or denim pm/speedy at outstanding price is available...then too good to pass up~:devil:
  7. I just purchased too much bags this year. That's all. Gotta save up.
  8. I've managed to spend thousands of dollars in the past few months buying various Louis Vuitton items and I'm moving into a new condo I bought at the end of October so I NEED to be spending money on furniture, etc. and NOT bags....so that's why I'm on a ban. :crybaby:
  9. Self-imposed due to the fact that my husband upgraded me from my damier speedy to the Duomo. So, there goes my budget for a new bag until Spring. Now, the agenda is not really a bag, per say, so I'm kinda on a silent hunt for one. But, for bags, I'm going to wait a while. I have 4, so I think that's enough to mix and match for a few months.
  10. I'm not on a complete ban but I have realized I need to stop buying so many expensive, high end designer bags. I have no money left for other things I'd like to get & that leaves me feeling blah:sad: ..
  11. No more shelf space!:nuts: (Nor do I have any money left:lol:)
  12. I limit myself to one big bag purchase per year as this is enough to make me happy (til the following year)! Plus one or more small accessories then I'm done.. But now I've got a lot of expenses for my upcoming baby, so I really need to save up! :yes:
  13. just waiting until I go away to get a bag but I'm working on a few accessory purchases in the mean time....
  14. Well, I'm on a ban cuz dh has just been TOO generous this yr. :love: I usually get 2 LVs a yr. (usually bags) for Birthday/Anniv. and at Christmas.

    This yr. it's been crazy! Here's a list of things I got starting in May/June...until now....hence my LV Ban! LOL!!!!!:upsidedown:

    BH, Sm. MC wh. agenda (in April I believe..)
    Damier Speedy 30 (June)
    Mono Speedy (June also, I think)
    Baggy GM (July/August??)
    Panda Cles
    Inclusion Speedy keychain (beige)

    More Recent:

    Red Epi Speedy 25 (early Xmas gift, a couple wks. ago)
    Groom Poch. wallet, ronde, cles (also early Xmas gifts....cles/ronde a wk ago, poch wallet a few days ago....)

    So.....Yep! Definitely on a BAN!!!!!! My reason: over indulgence!:shame:
    It's been FUN! How long am I banned?? Well, gotta get things back on track..back to normal...So no more LV's til May/June '07. WAHHHH!!:crybaby: Then again at Christmas 07.

    We'll see if dh can stick to this...LOL I'll tell him I seen this new LV or whatever. Or I'm gonna add this LV to my "want list". But it's just "talk"..I mean. He tells me about "his Dodgers", and I tell him about "my LV". LOL!! :lol:

    So he'll ask me..."so what purses, etc. are you looking at..?" Or, "What are they saying on the boards?" He asks me these things daily..See what I mean? Then I answer. Then,....you see what happens (above). LOL!!!!!!!:angel:
  15. My concience. I hate it when people (mainly my mother and bf) do the eye rolls when they hear prices.