1. WAH is it just me or do purse bans FEEL like they last FOREVER!

    do they make time slow down/ stand still?

    or do they really last forever!?


    someone console me, :crybaby: i want a new purse!

    *sulks off to work*
  2. I just stick to one particular thing at a now, for instance, I'm just on a BLACK purse ban! You see, that way I still get to look around and buy but I am humbled at believing that I truly own TOO many black bags!
    This works for me...................heheheheheheheehehe
  3. Yeah, I have a purse ban until the baby is out. But then I just realized that means I will be in maternity leave and will have 6 weeks of even after the baby is out, will need to extend purse ban until I am back to work.
    Maybe I will be in baby shopping spree to compensate my purse ban.
  4. think your purse habit is bad? Just wait until you start the Baby Shopping Spree. That one NEVER ENDS! My daughter is in the 7th grade and costs me a fortune! She's into Hollister, Abercrombie, Coach and when I dropped her off this AM at school she quickly pointed out the new "It" bag at her school....a Juicy Bowling Bag.'re 12!
  5. *hugs* time will pass :biggrin: keep dreaming of your next purse & time will fly on by ^^
  6. gurrl.. ityll be okay april isnt that far away and we are gonna get those APRIL PURCHASE(s?)!! love it~
  7. Try to stick on your favourite hobby (apart bags) and time will fly...go to concerts, go to the cinema, have a pizza with your friends and try not to think of bags! My purse ban didn't last long anyway, so I'm bad at giving advice on this!
  8. Maybe you should give yourself a set amount that you can spend on accessories during your ban. Maybe that will hold you over until your purse ban is over. A new Mini Skinny, Coach key fob or a nice wristlet would be nice, and not too pricey.
  9. Ha! Ha! Vicious you crack me up! You just made out on loot this last weekend! But I know how you feel there are too many purses that we want and we can't seem to get them fast enough! We want it now! :hysteric:
  10. *hugs all u people*

    *pokes roommate* april is like forever away! I'M GOING TO BUY A PURSE NEXT WEEK! HAHA

    i hope he doesn't read this lmao... he's on the coach over there... (mr.dooney)

    i went on a diet, started walking, but i can't cease the habit... i keep coming back here. and that makes me want like 50 purses a day.

    ow my brain!

    ow my wallet!

    PS- i know i bought 2 dooney& bourke purses, 1 coach purse, 1 mini skinny, and 1 coach keyfob... i love it all, hence why i want more more more!

  11. Vicious,

    I enjoy reading your posts. I can just see you and the gayman shopping in TJMaxx for all those handbags. A purse ban sux. It happens when you've bought so many you are out of money and you've got bills to pay and you'd rather have that neat looking bag rather than pay the water bill - LOL
    Isn't it amazing how you always find one more bag that if you could get it, you'd be ok. I'm having one right now. I need at least four purses a week to help my withdrawls and so far I'm going into detox. :nuts:
  12. It feels like foooooorever! Time is going sooo slow. Well, at least we can all sulk together.
  13. well keep your eyeballs peeled, my average posts are close to 40 a day now i think. i love this place! we acctually made the mistake of going to Freeport... to 2 outlet stores. yowch! rents late! HAHA stupid landlords! they need to come fix some shhtuff! but yeah, i want like more more more. and i put a long ban on myself, over a month and 2 weeks when i started it. lol... the agony, the pain! if i get myself caught up before that date, i'm TOTALLY GOING TO FREEPORT! *ahem* i mean, purse ban... right... anyway...

    check out the whole days trip in the purse ritual post someone made... lol i gave a lil play by play hehe! :supacool:

    ETA: uh, 4 purses a week a few keyfobs and a skinny mini would do me just right!
  14. the bright side? you only have 5 weeks to go!
    and i swear being on here DOES NOT HELP!
  15. lol i know... tpf is addicting in itself... purses are the aftermath!