OMG! Phhhuuuaaa!!!

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  1. Okay, we have a contract attorney who is in the office today. She is only in once or twice a month! Well, she asks me if I have change for a dollar, sees my Black Birkin bag (where the back of the Birkin is facing her) and says "oh wow that's a really nice looking bag, what is it?" I coyly say "a Birkin" and her jaw practically drops - she is looking at me like this :wtf: and then says "Wow, a Birkin - A REAL ONE?" I then say "uh-huh" :confused1:

    What in the heck was that? :roflmfao: How are you supposed to respond to that?
  2. "Bags are my thing...let me tell you...I had to recycle a lot of cans for this one!"
  3. OMG! LMBO!!! :roflmfao:
  4. :party:

    cans?! LOL i love that one!
  5. Some people are just so rude! She obviously knows what a Birkin bag is, but to ask if its real? Come on!
  6. Yeah, that is where it got a little tacky... Will give her the benefit of the doubt in this case (?) and just assume she assumed the "real" ones were unobtainable by mortal souls...
  7. SoCal, my thoughts exactly. I won't take offence if I hear a blunt expression like this. Some people's thoughts and spoken words are just not so .... collected.
  8. LOL! You're right SoCal!!! That's how I will look at it.

    It was funny at first then I thought geez that was insulting! :shame:
  9. Well...let's assume that she typically shops in SF where there typically is no birkin inventory according to typical reports...
  10. Rude.... I would just smile back!
  11. Maybe she was just in awe??
  12. Don't you know a Birkin is the stuff of mythology? Doesn't really exist IRL, so to actually see one, well... anyone would be surprised and awe-struck, lol! Tell her, Zeus is my daddy.
  13. LOL! Good one Serenity!!!
  14. yeah, that's right.
  15. :jammin: