OMG just found out i was 1 week too late to get my HGs!!

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  1. ive been on a hunt for nude patent vps and just found out CL in LV had them in every size avail just a week ago!!!! now they are completely sold out :crybaby:did anyone know this??

    please , im begging now, anyone , everyone, if you know of a place that has these in a 37 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know...
  2. I know! I just found out, too! Supposedly the CL Beverly Hills will be getting a shipment from end of this month through June.
  3. No, for real?????????? Ugh! What color peep toe did they have?
  4. Oh Xb, so sorry. I suggest yout call BH and try to get on the list.
  5. The Las Vegas store had the burgundy tip. The Beverly Hills store said they aren't sure what color tip they'll have.
  6. I called CL Vegas last week and they still had some large sizes left but I'm sure those are all gone now. The lady said they sold really fast. I was shocked that they even had them. oo_let_me_see the peep was burgundy.
  7. so sad i missed it, too.......
  8. Ahhh, same here!! :girlsigh: I can only hope..
  9. Ok these are my HGs too. I have GOT to find them. Not necessarly the burgundy tip, but the gold tip or nude tip would be amazing. Is the gold or nude tip available this season?
  10. I'm sorry to hear you missed out--so disappointing! :sad: Hopefully they will be available on pre-order somewhere soon!