OMG I just won a SEAFOAM Bal!! My 2nd bag in a week!

  1. I am seriously so so excited. :yahoo:As you know i have a lil shoulder navy Bal bag but this week i made the decision to buy a stunning black twiggy from diabro. I have ALWAYS loved the seafoam colour so i bid on this auction thinking i wouldnt get it - and i did!! At a brilliant price! I am so so excited.:nuts: BUT .... I am now so addicted - i mean, i bought a Chloe silverado, Black Twiggy AND Seafoam bag in ONE WEEK! I need to calm the heck down. :wtf:
  2. Congrats! Seaform is one of my favorite Bal colors ever!
  3. wow awesome. i love this color! it's what made me get my vert d'eau city
  4. Congratulations on a great deal! I think you will really like it.
  5. You are ON A ROLL girl! Congrats on your latest!
  6. thank you thank you thank you! i cant wait to get it! I think the handles are a bit dirty - will some baby wipes help? also, another question - was seafoam a 2004 only colour? I was eyeing off the vert d'eau twiggy on diabro - it is SO pretty but i need to sit tight now. :girlsigh:
  7. Thats a lot of bags in one week !I can tell you are addicted, lol. Congrats on the seafoam bag!
  8. Congratulations on your new bags! Unfortunately, if you're looking for someone to tell you not to buy've come to the wrong place! We're all a bunch of enablers here! LOL. :p
  9. Seafoam is such a pretty shade, congrats on this great bag :yes:
  10. Congratulations, great price!:tup: Love the pewter hardware. Please post lots of pictures when you get it. :yes:
  11. congrats! i love seafoam! can't wait to see pictures!!
  12. Wow..I love that color..I am not the one to ask about cleaning though as I did a major overhaul on a beat up bag got a beautiful bag ..Apple products or LMB are wonderful on Bal leathers..
  13. I love it! Good choice!
  14. hmmm - i dont think we have those brands in Australia - i'm not familar with them. Do you think any leather cleaner would work on those handles. The piccys arent very detailed but i can see that they are dark. Which is fair enough if that bag is from 2004!
  15. LOREBUNDE and Glitz & Glamour ... i think you're right, me being a bag admirer has now turned into me being a bag whore thanks to this site. :lol::angel:

    See, my problem is that none of my friends are AS into bags as me. My best friend likes these bags but hasnt bought one and my other friend has a Dior bag but thats pretty much it. Her boy bought that for her too, so its not like her money invested. I am proud to say ive bought all my bags myself :supacool:... i think i'd be waiting a LOOOOOONG time before Tim bought me a bag :tdown: