OMG !! I just met one of those Fake-makers...

  1. ..or whatever it is you call a person who makes fake bags.. :tdown:

    I was on the train earlier today to go to Emporium Complex (a shopping mall here in Thailand). This 45-ish man was sitting beside me and was looking intently at my GM Bosphore.

    Then he asked me politely if it was a real "LV" and I said yes. Then he asked me how to differentiate a fake from a real Lv bag and i thought he was just interested , so i told him about the stitching, the placement of the design, the feel of the canvas, the vachetta, the serial code blah blah...

    Then i realized he was copying them all down and i asked him why..


    He said he works at a factory that makes fake LVs and that all of the helpful hints I gave him will help him make his fake bags look even more "real"..

    I am so ashamed right now I dont know what to say.... :crybaby:

    I just helped the counterfeiters....

  2. It's not your fault.
  3. :rolleyes:
  4. :lecture:

    j/k:lol: don't talk to strangers...
  5. oh my goodness! i cant believe anybody would try to trick you like that!
    dont feel bad, you didnt know!
    i would have done the same thing!
  6. You didn't know, babe, it's totally not your fault. Ugh, fakers suck! :tdown:
  7. Cmon now.. don't beat yourself up over it :sad:

    Sure it was a bit naive on your part but you were only answering his question. Don't let it ruin your day :flowers:
  8. That's just a little creepy and intense...

  9. ITA, could he not have just looked at your bag and seen the differences, creepy that he questioned you.
  10. thats just scary....awww but its not ur fault!!! i hope you said something RUDE to him!! ughhh people make mes ick!
  11. After he said told me what he wanted the info for, I would have whacked him over the head with my real LV! :bagslap:
    Okay, so maybe I just wanted an excuse to use the "bagslap" smiley. Seriously, you had no way of knowing what the guy was asking for. He could have as easily been someone looking for tips for buying LV on eBay or something similar. I look at it this way: no matter how much info the fakers get on the real thing, their fakes never truly measure up. There's always something that gives them away.
  12. How could you?!?!? :p

    When people ask me publicly how to differentiate a real froma fake in public, I just tell them there are many ways to tell and just move on to a different suject.
  13. I'd :cursing: sorry to hear that you didn't mean that !!!! I'd have done the same thing.
    Dont feel bad!!
  14. At the end of the day, his bags will still be fakes, no matter how real they look. Therefore he sucks, you do not, you have the real deal. Not your fault - I wouldn't fret on it.
  15. you didn't know *hug*