OMG I just almost chopped my finger off !

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  1. so while my 3 yo was whining on the way home from Bonkers, I suggested to my husband that we get some wine and beer because he wanted to watch the Bruins Canadians game and I wanted to go on TPF so we were drinking wine and beer and I asked him to cut some cheese and crackers for me and then I wanted more so I went and got the sharp knife that he just sharpened and it was dark and I was a little buzzed and I accidentally cut my finger like a chop ! It was bleeding profusely and could have used a stitch or two but I patched it up nicely after stopping the bleeding and now I'm back, whoo hoooo !
  2. WOWSERS!! no more knives and wine for you ... LOL!! i hope it's ok. :smile:
  3. OMG!!!! You poor thing! I am so happy your finger is still attached! Thank goodness you are going to be okay!
  4. Also may I add that it is a huge chunk where my cuticle meets my nail on my thumb and then like a big "v" Dh is so freaked out right now ! Sorry to be so gross, he doesn't want to hear about it but he did go and get me the FA kit out of the car ! It is going to hurt so bad tomorrow, yikes !
  5. Are You Ok?
  6. Thank you girls !
  7. I was so scared that I would have to go to the ER. The kids were sleeping and I was a little buzzed because I never drink anymore. I just felt like tonight could be a night that we could unwind a bit. Thanks everyone I think I will be ok. It was a clean cut so I have lots of bandages covering and I will look at it in the morning and re-evaluate the situation, it was so scary, my 3 yo woke up and was like oh my that is blood are you ok ? My 1yo girl the hellion woke up and laughed at me and went back to sleep !
  8. Oh Man!!!! You are lucky...well there goes an idea for a snack..I'm drinking beer now too....I'll get some skittles lol!!...yeah that's going tohurt tomorrow..just keep it packed w/ neosporin and keep it are lucky!! Thank God it wasn't too much of a disaster!!!
  9. you are right I am SOOOOOOOOO lucky it could have been much worse. It was cracker barrel cheese the kind with the black label. So the knife I was using was sharp,not cerated and slipped off it. It could have slipped and litteraly cut my finger off. DH just sharpened it ! I am so scared thinking about how much worse it could have been ! Skittles sound so safe right now !
  10. lol ! I told DH about your post and he said "well as long as she doesn't try to cut them in half (skittles) " lol !
  11. Glad your ok! I face losing my fingers everyday! I'm a hairstylist!
  12. I never realized that was a job hazard but that makes sense !
  13. Well make sure you keep it clean and dry! And let the hubby do the cutting in the future.
  14. Ouch! Hope your finger feels better.
  15. Ouch! Please take care of that finger, and let ya DH do the cutting from now on! :P