OMG...I have something from LV Made in India!!!

  1. Hi all...with all this talk about LV going to be Made in India, it got me skeptical. I really wanted to see it with my own eyes.

    Today, I was putting an LV accessory into its sleeper bag and on the little white tag sewn inside it read: 100% Cotton Made In India. I was shocked! I've only seen LV Made in France, Spain, USA, Italy.

    I purchased this item recently at the boutique. I'm sure if someone who is not aware of this news or bought an item from eBay would assume that the item is fake.
    I wonder if they have already started production of bags there? Idea...Does anyone have anything from LV Made in India; if so, please post. Thanks!
  2. I'm calling my SA in the morning to see if she knows anything...
  3. Not sure, funny thing though, just got the green perfo cles from eluxury and the tag just says "100% cotton" and then some mention of country...hmmm...
  4. What about you ladies that just commented on the new thicker felt bags instead of the thin linen ones with your newest purchases?
  5. yea but that's the dustbag.
  6. Are you talking about your accessory or just the sleeper bag? Because I believe it's that LV bags themselves are made in france, spain, or USA, but the sleeper bags and the paper bags and the boxes can be made in other places.
  7. Shopping bags are made in China.
  8. made in india, is this real?!?!?!?
  9. the dustbag yes.
  10. I think that you are saying that the sleeper bag said made in India, Right??
  11. Big deal, its not like its fake or anything...
  12. :yes:
  13. ^ :lol::yes:
  14. LOL, for real.. if the thing was made by LV then w/e dont complain.. Just cause its made in INDIA does not mean it lacks quality...
  15. it's just a dustbag :yes: