OMG I bought my Tiffany's yellow diamond pendant today!!!

  1. You NEED to try one on. There's a few kickin' around the Bloor store right now... :graucho:
  2. The pendant is absolutely stunning! Congrats! I can't wait to see more pictures.
  3. Yum! What a delicious drop of lemon!
  4. Thanks!! I MIGHT get it tomorrow - if not then Friday, so I'll make sure to take a ton of picks right away!
  5. :police::whiteflag:enabler alert!:party: honestly if I could find one for around 2000-2500 at .20 pts or .25 tcw I would get one on the spot...

  6. This is gorgeous.. It is the one I liked from the begining. Glad you got it. Wear it in Good Health
  7. SO beautiful ! what a great purchase... can't wait to see some more modeling pics !
  8. Me? An enabler?


    Oh, before I forget, Tiffany's customer service number is 1-800-843-3269 - LOL - have one brought in from the US!!! :lol: I'm not sure what size they start at but I can't see why they wouldn't start at .25 or .3? The sola (not soleste - the one with only ONE row of diamonds around it) pendant does not go over .49 so there must be some pears that are under .3 I would think!

    Oh I thought of something else... it would be so nice to have in Italy... hahahahahahaha!!!
  9. Sweet.. can't wait to see it! I was at the Tiffany's on bloor the other day. Exchanging a gift hubby bought back for me while he was in vegas. They've got some big diamond solataire pendants on display....wooooza!
  10. Hahaha...that would be really funny!
  11. gorgeous! congrats!
  12. All you Canadian jewelry fans should have a meetup!!!
  13. is it bad that I already thought of this? to be wandering around Rome with a pretty sundress, flat sandals and a gorgeous drop of sunshine around my neck... yep....already thought this through:lol:
  14. I have wondered if we have crossed paths before! I know there have been times where one of us, neverenoughbags, surfergirljen etc.. have been at tiffany on this day and that time and I had been there around that time!! and there was that kijiji run in neverenoughbags!! small world:smile:
  15. LOL....I know... isn't that funny??? Next time one of you Toronto girls need someone to go with you for an opinion on something at Tiffany's, I'm your girl! :smile:

    I was just in at the bloor street location Monday. Hubby was out of town this weekend and when he came back sunday, he surprised me with a wallet from Tiffany's, but I wanted to exchange it for a different sized wallet. What a sweet hubby.... :heart: