OMG...I am IN LOVE with the new Chelsea Line!!!

  1. Okay, I went to the boutique last night and saw the new floorset. I have not been able to stop thinking about the Chelsea line that's out now!!! I bought the Khaki Sig/Tobacco Small Flap and LOVE IT, but now I am wondering if I should've gotten a little bit bigger purse - especially with the PCE discount still good?!?! UGH...I just don't know!
    Here's the one I got and the ones I am thinking about...
    I am (re-)considering the:
    Chelsea Small Flap in Khaki/Tobacco Sig (I bought last night)
    Chelsea Small Hobo in Khaki/Tobacco Sig
    Regular Size Chelsea Hobo (Khaki/Tobacco Sig)
    Regular Size Hobo in the Chestnut Leather (but I like the Tobacco color better...only available as a TRIM :sad:
    SO...what should I do??? KEEP the Small Flap I bought or return it for one of the other bags listed?
    Also, I think I am going to get the Chelsea Turnlock Wristlet in Mineral...that leather is BUTTERY SOFT!! And, the wristlet is BIG!!!
    IMG_2260.JPG smhobo.jpg lghobo.jpg hobo.jpg
  2. I can't advise you but thought I'd chime in to say that I also love the Chelsea line :smile:
  3. WOW...this is a first. I've been gone all day and figured I'd come home to see lots of replies to this post. I don't have a SINGLE ONE except the one I saw this morning before I left. What's up?!?! :p
  4. I say yes to the parchment one that's bigger =)
  5. Thank you for your input!! :yes:
    Actually, the pictures are only of the STYLES I am deciding between because I couldn't save the exact picture with the right colors:
    The Chelsea:
    keep the Sig Khaki/Tobacco Small Flap (I bought last night)
    or exchange it for the Chelsea:
    Sig Khaki/Tobacco Small Hobo
    Sig Khaki/Tobacco Regular Hobo
    Pebbled Leather Chestnut Hobo
    Sig Black Small Flap or Hobo
  6. I say buy them all, hey you only live once!


    I'm not any help am I?
  7. LOL! I'd LOVE to, but then I wouldn't be LIVING anymore...I'd be DEAD cuz my DH would KILL me! :nuts::p
  8. I checked out the new chelseas today too. Very nice! I esp like the reg in khaki.
  9. I ALMOST got the Pebbled Leather Chesnut Hobo last night and I cheaped out, but I LOVED it. It would be awesome for the fall!! That's my vote!
  10. I love this line too. Cant make up my mind on which I like better though. What other bags do you have? What color do you need? Do you have more sig or leather ones?
  11. Me, too. Are you talking about the khaki sig hobo (not the small or large but the 'regular size")? I WISH they had the flap in a bit bigger size! THAT would be PERFECT!! Oh well....
  12. I cant stop thinking about the Chelsea Mineral large hobo.....and I normally dont buy leather bags b/c I LOVE the signature bags, but I cannot stop thinking of this color! I see it in my sleep :smile: I also love the Sig khaki/tobacco large hobo as well...these bags seem very easy to get in and out of w/ that turnlock on TOP of the bag instead of having a flap! Let us know what you decide!!!!
  13. I really like the parchment one. Those two colours look great together. I also really love the one you have. It's precious.
  14. hehe, ah, ok i just caught up. I really like the one you have and I also love the all leather chestnut hobo.
  15. I have 2 bags:
    Turquoise Ergo Tote
    Red Leather Hobo (small)

    I have several accessories, too.

    I would LIKE to have a black bag, but I think I am going to save that purchase for the outlet or maybe even (dare I say it...) a NON-Coach purchase!:nuts:
    That's why I am leaning towards the khaki sig/tobacco Chelsea. I like the shade/color of the TOBACCO trim better than the all CHESTNUT leather bag. But, I am wondering if the regular size Sig Chelsea Hobo would be too much pattern for me?!?! That's kinda why I went with the Sig Khaki/Tobacco Small Flap. I LOVE the style, but it might be a little small for me - at least for an "everyday bag", which I really don't NEED but it's nice to have the option. I don't know?!?!