OMG! Guess what I just bought...

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  1. I was feeling a bit bored this morning with my lot away skiing so I decided a little retail therapy was the answer.
    Now I knew I was dicing with danger as I've had serious bag lust for the last month or so but I was fairly confident John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway wouldn't have anything that would entice me to crack open my bank account.
    So off I toddled confident I would come back with a new lippy and not much else.

    So, I saw the ink blue Antony.....very nice and a much brighter blue than the Daria satchel I ordered.

    I saw the blueberry Bays clutch.....again, a lovely colour.

    I saw the peony pink Hayden shoulder and messenger.....woah, that's a bright PINK! Too reminiscent of bubblegum and a bit teenagery for me but each to their own.

    I saw the Hayden shoulder and messenger in gingerbread....a really nice colour but the shoulder was enormous and it didn't set my heart on fire.

    I also saw a lipstick pink patent Mitzy hobo....definitely not for me.

    So, what was the bag that actually had my pulse racing? I've not felt this excitement about a bag for a very long time indeed and I was slightly shocked to have such a strong reaction. So much so, that I went and had a drink in the cafe to think about it and analyse what I was feeling.
    Then it struck me, plain and simple, it was BAG LOVE!

    So I bought.........
  2. yes waiting....
  3. Ooh I can't wait to see:biggrin:
  4. Argh - do tell!!
  5. Have to leave in 10 come on, please?
  6. Yes spit it out woman lol
  7. Could it possibly be an ink Alexa?
  8. Alexa!!!!
  9. Ohhh I'm here too - :graucho:
  10. I think she got one of each. lol
  11. ink alexa. For definite!
  12. Exciting !
  13. Sara Jane = pllleeeeeeaaaase show us - i gotta go in a minute........pretty please.....
  14. ooooo tell tell!
  15. Where is she gone!? So irresponsible!! We should have a strict rule of revealing time flame!! :lol: