OMG- Chanel B-day present from Mother-in-Law!!!!

  1. :yahoo:
    My mother in law just sent me a Chanel bag for my b-day! Woohoo!
    I am going to post pics. She got it in Paris a few weeks ago. Tell me what this bag is called!!!!:yahoo:
  2. oh my god you lucky girl has the best mother in law! show us the bag I can't wait to see it!
  3. Congrats, now show us some pics :graucho:
  4. Lucky girl!! she must like you very much
  5. Congrats!
  6. I kinda looks like coco's croco to me (except the quilted), but obviously ive never seen it in person, I LOVE IT!! Your MIL has FAB taste.
  7. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I thought it was leather, but now you said it's fabric, I agree that it's coco croco.
  9. OMG u are so lucky!!!!! it's gorgeous. (:

    ps. all my BF's mom gives me are lists of groceries i am to get at Dominick's. hehehe.
  10. So the bag is not a satin-y fabric it feels more like wool or cotton. So is this considered an evening bag or a day bag...or a whenever I wanna rock it bag?!?!?!;)
  11. yeah so its not coco's croco. but i feel like thats what it will kinda look like. IM very jealous as I am in love with your bag. Wear it whenever its PERFECT!
  12. you lucky girl !
  13. wow congrats!!
  14. It's beautiful ... I've seen these online before. But I have no clue what it's called. Congrats and happy bday!