Omg- cannot decide!!

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  1. Hey everybody!

    Well I'm foaming at the mouth here :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: over the BUTANE JANE in blueberry with black trim and the FLASHBULB FLURRY in grape with black trim. I cant decide which one to go for so I may just have to get both!!!

    But here is the problem...

    I also want a MINILISA. My favorite colors in that style are blueberry and grape. I cant get two bags in the same color, though.

  2. WAIT! I thought you wanted the Flashbulb Flurry in Raspberry (on your wishlist) must look gorgeous in Grape if you're having 2nd thoughts!!! Oh boy, what a dilemma!! Plus you already have another blueberry on your wishlist! So then you might end up with two blueberry's too. Which color would you get more use out of??
  3. omg! lol ummmmmmmmm well I would pick your minilisa color first... because it won't have black trim! For me, I think raspberry will look amazing with black trim whereas blueberry or grape could stand better on their own (even though I'm getting a raspberry minilisa lol!). Thus, I think blueberry and raspberry might be better for the bags with black trim whereas a different color would be better for the minilisa. AND if you really can't decide, who cares! Get two bags in the same color ;)
  4. My vote goes for the minilisa in grape!
  5. I did originally want the raspberry flashbulb flurry... but now that I see all the colors lined up IRL, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the grape. The blueberry is also fantastic. And the all black and the raspberry, but the grape just speaks to me, KWIM?

    I also am drooliing over the butane jane in blueberry. I have one already in charcoal (greenish grey) which I never use even though IMO its one of the coolest bags ever. I dont use it much because the color just doesnt work well in my wardrobe.
  6. Well, it sounds like you REALLY want the flashbulb flurry in grape and the butane jane in blue sooooooooo just get the minilisa in one of those colors too then! I mean, one will have black trim and the other won't so you can use the minilisa whenever you wear browns or what not! You really can't go wrong TE!
  7. I like the way you think, tygerkitty!
  8. The minilisa in mandarin is looking pretty darn nice... much prettier than I imagined it would. Hmm....
  9. You know what- I think Im going for both of these bags!

    I'll decide later on Minilisa- but I cant let these two go.

    I don't own a purple bag or a dark blue bag (well I do have a sex bomb in pool, but thats a WAY different shade of blue...)

    maybe I will get the pleasure dome in pomegranate or raspberry instead of blueberry like I originally planned....
  10. I know that it is so hard to decide. My only personal opinion for myself is that I like the blueberry and grape better with the black trim than the raspberry. That's why I've been contemplating the raspberry in the minilisa.
  11. I'm with TygerKitty on this!:yes:
  12. I was afraid you were going to say that...:P

    I absolutely LOVE the mandarin color but also love the truffle and grape. I'm starting to think these bags are like potato chips..can you really have just one?:confused1:
  13. good point. I love the black trim on the really dark colors. It looks so edgy!

    I think the raspberry is gorgeous on its own, like in minilisa and in the sex bomb. (But then again, the rasperry/black trim french nanny is soooo pretty...)
  14. I have not seen the Flashbulb Flurry but you sound like you really want that one in grape so I say go for it. You can decide later about the Minilisa color. Best of luck deciding!
  15. Already edited my wishlist in my signature...

    I cannot allow myself to get 2 blueberries. I...JUST...CANT...