Omega or Cartier

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  1. i like cartier gold and stainless steel. omega size is too small for current watch trend.

  2. That's also my choice. I like the versatility and the size.
  3. Omega . . . but I am biased, since it has been my dream watch since I was a little kid watching the 1984 LA Olympics. My Omega probably means more to me than my engagement ring. My husband had to buy me that :smile: But he did not have to surprise me with something that I wanted from the time I thought boys were icky!
  4. Anybody know what OP purchased?
  5. Hi Ladies! I haven't purchased a watch yet because my money for the watch went to a new Chanel Jumbo! I panicked when I heard of the price increase! aaarrrrgghh! :shocked: but I promised myself that the next big purchase should be the watch! I'm leaning on cartier...
  6. Another vote for Cartier Ballon Bleu.
  7. what do you think about this ladies?
    It's the new omega constellation '09, it's chunkier than the older once which I have posted before..

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  8. Roadster! I'm biased... Have the roadster and love it!
  9. BTW this is very sound advice.

    Cartier's have lovely designs and finishes, no doubt about it. However, generally quartz watches are pretty much all the same irrespective of whether you buy one for $50 or $500. The artistry behind the Omega movement makes it more worthy of being an heirloom piece. Still, I am not a big fan of that Omega design.
  10. Actually not all Quartz are the same... some are very precise Quartz which are not cheap at all... and some Quartz are more nicely finished than others (eg. Cartier, but I forgot where I saw the pic of the nicely finished Cartier Quartz).

    I know generally speaking, automatics are generally seen as 'better value'. But if the auto inside is just something plain like ETA2824, I wouldn't go crazy over it. The cost price of that particular ETA movement itself is very cheap .Maybe cost price is less than $100, compared to Quartz, say cost price is 20 bucks... If you look at it that way, the value difference isn't that much anymore right? (unless you like auto because you like to watch 'sweeping' hand...)

    Unless it's an in-house movement or a mechanical with very nice complication, I wouldn't obsess so much about auto vs. quartz - just pick the one you like more in terms of overall look.
  11. I like the 3rd Cartier in your first post. For some reason I think it looks more feminine than the Roadster.
  12. My friend just got a two tone Ballon bleu - so pretty!
  13. If you could only get one out of these two which would it be?
  14. I'm an Omega fan, my vote for constellation. However, I don't like the looks of the new constellations, too chunky whereas the older ones are more feminine. Which constellation are you eyeing?
  15. Cartier 110%!!!
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