Okay so my BF said hes gonna buy me the Azur Speedy I want, now...25 or 30??

  1. okay so we all know its at the top of my bag list. and me like everyone else is torn between the 25 and the 30. (and yeah it sucks to search through reference guides and clubs, i tried, and it still hasnt realllly helped me)

    anyways i eventually would like to have both the 25 and the 30. But which to get first. Its only a $25 difference for like 2". I have a mono 30 which I LOVE but kinda felt like its been big lately. But idk sometimes the 25 looks reallly reallly small. And im not tiny. im 5'6" 130 lbs (but i dont look that heavy)

    Anyways. I was pretty set on a 25....but then I saw the pics of Hilary Duff with the 30. And now I am undecided again. Plus....if I'm getting as a gift, I should probably go with the more expensive one but idk.

    if anyone has MODELING pics please feel free to post em to help me out. (i know tons of ppl have pics but really, there arent that many modeling pics.) and IF you do post pics....please let me know how tall you are!

    Thanks so much guys!

    Im wicked excited!!!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats you have a nice bf! I'll have to buy mine myself :p I have nothing to add but I would also like to know and see pics as I'm about you're size of 5'5 too and pretty slim and I didn't want to carry a too awkward looking bag on me. Where did you see the pic of hillary duff holding it? I've read through posts but it's hard to go through some 60+ pages on a single post and it'd be nice to get it in this one post. I've really been debating as well.
  3. my vote is speedy 25. IMO 30 is a bid big.
  4. I think you may find the smaller zip opening of the 25 annoying after awhile.....but if you don't mind that...
    I just think the 30 size is classic....
  5. Hey!
    I have the Mono Speedy 30 and just got the Speedy 25....30 just feels too big, lots of sag (which I know most love!) so I never really carried it. I love big bags, but shoulder bags! When I first got the 25, I thought this is way too tiny...but after a couple days I am thinking and hoping that it will be just the right size for a quick errands or nite out purse!
    Good luck!~
  6. I vote for 25
  7. I think the 30 will suit you best. :tup:
  8. I'd go with the 30.
  9. My vote for 25! I think 25 is looks good in azur than 30!
    I had 30 but exchanged to 25! ;)
  10. I have the mono 30 and I love the size and the speedy sag. But, try out the 25 and see if it a good size for you - that way you have a speedy in each size.
  11. I say get the 25. I have a mono 30 and i love the sag on it, but i got the 25 in azur because i think the checker pattern looks better without the sag and the 25 sags less.
  12. Congrats on getting this fab bag :yahoo:I'm 5'4" and I had a speedy 25, the 30 just look a little too big on me(because of its light colour the bag looks even bigger IRL) and I don't want my bag to sag too much so I choose 25. Also I think azur speedy doesn't look as nice as the mono speedy when it comes to sagging so I vote for 25! :yes:
    Here some model pic I took before, hope it helps!


  13. I have the mono 25. I'm 5'2". I think in your case, the 30 may look better since youre quite a bit taller. When I carry the 25 it just FEELS right cuz I'm petite and the bag is small and doesn't overwhelm the look of my outfits.
    Being taller, the 25 will probably look like a little dinner-party bag on you (which is not a NEGATIVE thing). Since it's a gift though, go for the bigger one. As you say, you'll probably wind up with BOTH sizes eventually and since this is a gift, I'd get HIS money's worth.
  14. I vote for the 25. I have both the azur and the mono in 25 and they are the perfect size, though I am 5'1". I've seen both the 25 on larger women and the 30 on smaller women and to be honest, I think they ALL look good. It's just a matter of preference. I like the smaller size for me and the fact that I can hold it on my lap if I'm at dinner or somewhere where I don't want to put it on the floor. The 30 would be awkward and not as easy to manage on my lap, for me.
  15. my vote goes toward the 30. if they had it in the 35, i'd say that. the bigger, the better!