Okay Ladies California Kooba lovers now!

  1. Alright, so my sources were correct, there is going to be a sale just like the one in NY in California, in LA to be exact.

    On Friday!

    No idea prices but I think they should be on par with this one. I only have the address for now, not sure about the time, will know tomorrow when my friend finally answers her phone. :smile:

    Address is at:
    Kristi Harris Sales
    Cooper Building #640
    860 S. Los Angeles St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90014

    That's all I know for now, will update soon.
  2. LOL. The Kooba gods are telling me something. I live in Southern California but am flying to New York on - Friday!
  3. I really, really want a slate Meredith.
  4. Maybe I can take a drive up there....
  5. Oh my god - this is less than 10 miles from my office! Ack! I wonder if I can take an extra long lunch!! I may pass out....

    I wonder if this one also requires a print out to get in?
  6. JChiaraaaa:woohoo::woohoo: (not busy Friday, are you?...)
  7. I want an Avery in luggage...
  8. If you do, please pick me up a slate Meredith if someone doesn't get me one in NY. I posted pics of the raisin Sienna on pictures of your Koobas thread. Yours will look like that - wonderful color - like burgundy wine.
  9. My wheels are spinning, maybe I can have my brother in law go get some for me. He lives up there...
  10. Well, it's closer than NY, but still at least 12 hours away from me :crybaby:
  11. KoobaMe is only 10 minutes away ...
  12. Oops, I mean 10 miles.
  13. I just left a message for the brother in law. He is 15 minutes from there.
  14. OMG! :yahoo: 10 minutes away from me!
  15. :sad::crybaby:
    And my luck....the ONE DAY that I've been planning for MONTHS - my hubby and four kids are all shuttling down to La Jolla / San Diego at the crack of dawn for the big Labor Day Weekend!!! :cursing:
    I told hubby and he's like "hmmm.....we could take the money from the trip and just put it into Koobas...yes, the kids would LOVE that..." then he just smiled. Seriously, he's like the sweetest teddy in the world - he knows my obsession runs deep - but this trip means like complete and utter relaxation for us all in the deepest way - beach, pizza, shopping, room service, walking to a fab Mexican restaurant for dinner, margaritas, Sea World....sigh....guys I'm gonna have to pass this time.....
    BUT KOOBAME!!! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN THERE!!!!! :wlae: and pick me up a smooth Black Sienna from the real deal (which would never happen because they're soooooo last season!!! NOT!)