Ok people, PF tutorial needed on posting pics...

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  1. Does anyone know how to post a beautiful big pic of your Bbags without having to attach a file to open. I am back on snail dial up speed this month and I love it when I come across pics already up in all their beauty!

    Step by step tutorial needed please!:confused1:
  2. hear, hear ... i hate having to click on links and don't know how to do it myself ... it's all 'bout instant gratification, babeee!
  3. same request here too, thanks!
  4. what i do is
    first you attach the file, right (the paper clip)
    then submit
    you will see that in order to see your pix. you have to click on attach
    then you click on attach
    copy the http:/// ......... whatever on your pix.
    come back to edit your previous msg
    now click on pix. (the small square with mountain inside)
    paste the http:///..... whatever you copy before
    then submit
    done ;)
  5. here my example
  6. you will see that the big pix. that show
    and the attached images are the same pix.
    because I use that attachment link with the big pix.

    still confuse???
    sorry my english ;)
    if you still can't do it
    i'll come back to teach you again tonight .. ha ha haaaaa
  7. OK i'm gonna practice

  8. You can use photohosting. I use PictureTrail: Online Photo Sharing, Image Hosting, Online Photo Albums, Photo Slideshows
    You can watermark your pics then upload to an album.
    Get the url for the pic, use the one with IMG in front of it but you must remove that at the beginning & end then click on the insert image button on your message, a box will come up & you paste in the html
    Took me ages & a lotta help from friends here to master, good luck!
  9. ok it worked, but a bit cumbresome
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