OK..here is the brand new Dark Silver Luxe Bowler!

  1. When I first saw the Dark Silver at Chanel Boutique (South Coast Plaza)..it was nothing like silver....it's more of taupe or grey or pewter..

    It's a really different color...it's looks sort or light greyish brown in dark lightings and under the bright light, it looks more silverish metallic color w/ slight bronze tint to it.... It changes color as the light changes..from grey to taupe to bronze to dark silver...w/ demure sheen to it....

    it's such a versatile color between bronze and dark silver, will go well w/ anything...I like the color under the light better....:smile:

    I uploaded some pictures ..... (some w/ the flash light, some w/ out) I will upload more when I get time later....

    It's deer skin, distressed metal and from the cruise collection....the SA said they even have the coco cabas in similar shade!!!

    what do you guys think? Keeper?
    luxe bowler.JPG lb2.JPG lb3.JPG lb4.JPG
  2. Wow, it's a mix of the bronze and the silver.
  3. I would love to see how it changes color depending on the lighting. I like that concept, beautiful bag.
  4. Gorgeous!! I like this better than the bronze. Congrats!
  5. beautiful, great color!!
  6. CONGRATS!!! It's so pretty!!! :love:
  7. TOTAL keeper!!!!:heart:
  8. Wow~~Gorgeous bag! It is TOTALLY a keeper!

    Thanks for not saying "Oh, I just got the brand new luxe bowler in dark silver, but I am too tired. I will post pictures of it tomorrow!!!"

    Hee Hee...:devil: Can't help it, but when people post a thread like that it drives me crazy.
  9. Looks so pretty.

  10. Does it go well with the colors in your wardrobe? Does it look very luxe?
    It is certainly very unusual.
  11. It's a beautiful color! Congrats!
  12. I just love the shape of the luxe bowlers. I really miss my gold one. I wish they made it so the gold didn't rub off.:crybaby:
  13. Very nice! :yes:
  14. It's a definite keeper! I so l:heart: ve the color!!!!
  15. WOOWW
    That's pretty....I want one too now