OK! First look at Chloe A/W 07/08

  1. Well, any questions we might have about Chloe following the Marni theme have sure been answered. A different direction indeed has been taken :nuts:

    Gosh, its certainly different!! Chloes first collection under Paulo Melim Andersson, erm, well, what do you think! Its taking Chloe someplace different, that much is for sure :confused1: erm, I think we can safely say, paddys gone, bettys gone, ediths gone!!

    i will post piccies and we can all discuss lol!!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Uhhhhhh, the fact that I dislike the honking red boots least is bad, isn't it??
  5. erm its certainly interesting!!!
    im in shock right now! truly not what I expected to be completely honest with you :biggrin:
  6. Yuck!
  7. okaaaaaaay? omg, I guess I better buy as much chloe as I can now... I do not see myself buying anything from them for a long long long time! Isn't the runway supposed to have the better looking items? sheeeesh. VERY disappointing!
  8. ^^^ Ditto D&G - this is shocking news

    Trully gutted!

    Shocked into silence really
  9. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:!!!

    I'm speechless!!!
  10. nooooo paddies gone?! no fun. I do like the leather/color on the first bag but dont like the style. The boots/booties could be fun if they were toned down a bit.
  11. Oh my...!! :yucky:
  12. Disappointed.

    Chloe-babe, thanks for posting the pictures.
  13. nice biker boots anybody ;)
  14. If I wanted marni I would buy marni. This isn't what I want from Chloé so I'm pretty dissapointed. :sad:
  15. Thanks for posting Chloe, afraid it's a big thumbs down from me also! :sad:
    Good while it lasted but if this is it, then Chloe is soooooooo over!