Oh no, I love it........


Oct 28, 2010
I so did not expect this to happen. I ordered the Sophia Coppola monogram bag, mostly because I have never ever had a Louis Vuitton bag on a whim bought a teeny little accessory on evilbay, and when it came I was loving it. I decided I HAD to try a bag even though I have been a hater in the past :shame:. I was thinking of some sort of a tote, until I came across the Sophia Copolla bag. Partly because I want to cross body (I need to buy a longer strap) and partly because there was NOTHING available online, I went for it. Since then I've been pretty much picturing myself returning it because the price seems so ridiculous since it seems like a glorified Speedy for double the price. So, I thought I would head to my local LV store and exchange it for a tote or speedy, maybe buy some small things. But it's awesome. Perfect. Great size, my laptop will fit right in, can be cross body with the longer strap, but oh the extra $, is it worth it????? My dh will not be pleased as I've been a little shopaholic lately, but heck I'm 41 now and I've been good until now so..........:nuts:.

So is there anything else I should try if I like this general size and the ability to cross body? Would I be happy with the Palermo? Also, I do not baby bags, so my only concern with the Palermo is that the pleat would get warped. I want to use a Louis Vuitton to its fullest until it is well loved and broken in, I don't want a fancy bag!

I also bought the Josephine Wallet with the green. It's beautiful, the green is much better IRL than in the pictures, it is fun but also elegant. The size is great, I will keep some lipstick in the little pouch and take it out of the wallet.
Mar 27, 2010
Don't worry at all about the pleats on the Palermo! I have used that bag faithfully every day since April (and then in Nov. I got a Delightful) and her pleats are still gorgeous! The bag is very sturdy and holds her shape well. I highly recommend her.


Jan 7, 2010
San Diego
The Sophia Coppolo is so understated and classic. I think this is a bag one could be happy with for many, many years. I know there are other LVs that might fit the bill, but if you love this one, it might be worth the money in the long run. I am currently contemplating this bag and have tried to find an equal bag for less money, but so far I haven't been ablt to find something as pretty and as perfectly proportioned as the SC. Think I may follow your lead and take the plunge. It's just so perfectly simple and gorgeous! Sorry, I'm not helping here, am I, lol. :nogood:


Oct 28, 2010
:biggrin: SDBagLover, I know it does seem perfect, but it also seems like they really raised the price over a Speedy for not too much reason, I mean maybe an extra $500, but this is more like an extra thousand +. I guess I am leaning towards keeping it because I am pretty varied in what I like, so I don't see myself with more than one or two of the classic monogram bags, so maybe it does make sense to have the perfect one. I do see lots of accessories in my future though, and maybe a leather Speedy.....

I also ordered a small day planner and a cell phone pouch.

I might go into SF and at least see if there is a Palermo because I do love the Palermo, but I don't think I'm going to like it more, I want my classic monogram to be a work bag that can be sort of tossed around and gets even better with age and use, the SC one seems to have that feeling. Oh who am I kidding, I'm keeping it. I think. :yahoo:.
Jun 20, 2010
Palermo is wonderful! I have been using mine for a year and a half, still looks gorgeous and the pleats look like new! You will love your new agenda!!



Happy Chrissy!
May 11, 2009
I think you should keep the SC monogram! But if you were to make an exchange I would go for the palermo PM instead.


Sep 5, 2009
british columbia
the SC bag is beautiful and has extra beautiful detailing. you may be disappointed in a lesser bag now that you have tried out the rollsroyce of mono bags.... but i would go to the store and try one out, otherwise you will always wonder...