oh ladiesssss, i'm out of my little hiatus

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  1. update me! :yahoo::yahoo:

    What are you excited for? What do you want to see this summer/fall? Ask me questions because I missed you guys!
  2. Girl! WB! It's all about the Ergos! Actually though I am really excited about the new convertible bags!

    Any new iPod accessories coming out?
  3. None that I have seen at all, Apple keeps moving so fast! I hope to see an iphone case in the future!
  4. Hey! I wondered where you went! I just ordered a one of the patent pleated ergos and I CAN NOT WAIT to get it!

    What I'd like to see from Coach is what I always want to see-more colors! Though I do admit they've been better about this lately.
  5. I agree about the colors... personally, I love red although that's more of a fall color... At the outlets they had a few bags in a lovely shade of turquoise, and I bought the lunch tote in it, but I'm away right now and can't show the pics!
  6. Welcome back! More leather Carly's, specifically Navy. That is what I wish for.
  7. I want a XL Tattersall satchel. I have the regular satchel. I won't use it because as soon as I do, they will make it in XL. It's been so hard not to use it though. I just can't afford or would not want to have both.
  8. ooh! you must be an SA!!! welcome back!

    Any other new ergo's coming?? like last years style? i'm not a huge fan of the new ergo satchels that just came out... i like just the one strap...

    and do u have any info on what we can expect for the next floorset?

    tia!!! :flowers:
  9. WB sprinkles! As you can tell from my sig, I am totally drooling over the pleated Ergos at the moment. (Odd since I have never been an ergo fan, but those pleats! SO pretty!)

    Other than that I have no specific expectations for summer/fall - new Legacy styles would be fun to see, but I am surprisingly content with my collection for now (subject to change at any moment lol).
  10. Hey, Sprinkles!! It's good to see you back, we missed you! :flowers:
  11. Welcome back! Looking forward to your inside dish on all things Coach! :0D
  12. Heya girly!!
  13. Welcome back Sprinkles!!

    Looking forward to your fun and insightful posts! :tup:
  14. Ladiess! Sorry I went and disappeared again!

    There IS an XL Tattersall satchel with a long strap, I can't tell if it's a travel piece however! It's big!

    There is soooo much color coming out- navys, purples, gray, teal etc! They are releasing more bleeker, a new collection called madison, really cute shoes! Ah, I don't know- so much!
  15. Ah! I told myself I would find more bags of color and with all this color overload I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself!