Officially a B-bag 1st 2 I got today! :)

  1. I know the first is a Magenta city from spring 08???? maybe fall 07????. The bubblegum pink I saw was just so shiny and dry (all of them they had at NM infact) so I went for magenta...not sure I like the distressing so obvious, but it was the richest color of all (what do you all think?)

    And the 2nd one is???? I have no clue :shrugs: I loved it the min. I saw it though!

    AND I will be getting the turquoise for spring too, but NM did not have them in yet...all my b-day present(s) from DH...he was feeling sweet I guess :yahoo:

    After reading here for days, I just knew I had to have a Balenciaga, but not sure which one...I am def an addict of these bags now! Thanks for all the pics of all the great bags that all of you have :tup:
  2. Absolutely gorgeous bags!

    Congrats - lucky girl

  3. WOW! both are gorgeous! What a sweet and generous DH! Happy birthday to u!
  4. :okay:Congrats on ur new gifts Annnette!! They are beautiful!! I think the second one could be Sandstone?Or if its from 08, it must be Sahara. Welcome to the addict's corner!!:yahoo:
  5. thanks! I love them...the tag inside on the taupe looking bag says 2008 so must be Sahara??

    BUT what do you all think of the distressing on the Magenta? Too much? In person it looks like a lot, but the color was so much more pigmented and rich out of all the stock they had...should I lotion it to take some distressing away??


    And thanks for the B-day wishes :smile:
  6. was the magenta from NM? From the pics it looks like the 07 LE magenta sold only at Balny... the pale magenta 08 I saw at NM was a lot less saturated and even more distressed than yours. I love the saturated magenta color of ur ur bag breaks in, the veins will also "soften"...some people have moisturized to successfully diminish veins but you always have to be careful when moisturizing...make sure it is w/ a reputable and tested product and then first do a test on a small area or mirror first, bec. some people have faded or ruined their new bags...Check out the reference section /maintenace and care section.
  7. Absolutely beautiful! Great choices, congrats!
  8. Beautiful choices:love: I can't wait to slip my arm inside some Magenta handles!:p
  9. mintpearl...the bag is from NM...all of the pale magenta bags were so washed out looking compared to this..this was the only one that was dark. I love the darkness of this bag.

    I think I will skip the lotion...see if the distressing grows on me. I would never want to hurt this beauty! Thanks!
  10. Wow, that magenta is so saturated. Is it really pale magenta ss08?
  11. ^^ happy birthday & congrats sweetie!!! :party:

    p.s. just be forewarned, there's no cure for bal-fever :p
  12. Wow they are gorgeous!!! Congratulations!
  13. Congrats Annette! You made some fabulous decisions! The Sahara is lovely and the Magenta is drop dead gorgeous, I can't wait for my Magenta! When you were at NM, did you get a chance to look at Tomato to see if you liked that red?
  14. I love the sahara!
  15. Wow, congrats on 2 new fabulous bbags! I'm loving the SGH Sahara city!