Official Hermes Belt Thread

  1. You look great!! This is how I wear mine as well-- it completely changes the look of the dress. I even wear them with my wrap dresses to update the look.
  2. i think in this sense she is using it to mean the same as "resellers"... for example ticket scalpers when you go to a concert, they've bought a ton of the available tickets and stand outside the venue and sell them for a mark-up/profit

    i don't know all the colors but from what i have seen, there are:
    - bleu electrique/graphite
    - crocus/etain
    - vermillion (red)/white
    - mangue/gold
    - jaune d'or/forgot the other side... orange maybe??
    - blue jean/white

    that's all i can think of for now....
  3. Thank you AB, I would love to see a pic of the CDC with a wrap dress. I have several but not sure how a belt other than the self tie belt would work.
  4. Sorry, I Know this is off topic a little bit but it sounds incredible "One Belt per passport".... I have Never had this before with whatever I bought elsewhere....
    Don't you have a chance of buying on the Hermes Website? If you are quick there are great colours once a while. You only have to check every day as the cool courways are Sold out quickly, especially the buckles!
  5. People that buy up all the stock and sell it at a premium in unofficial stores. People do that a lot in hong kong, especially with concert tickets, newly released iPhones, and popular items like the Hermes belts/Birkins.
  6. They were very strict about this in the main shop in Paris. I saw a Chinese couple that wanted to buy 2 belts and they needed to separately buy one each on their passport.
  7. Sorry, but this is really crazy...
  8. I actually like this policy though it cuts down on the people buying tons and tons of belts only to resell them at 1.5x or even 2x the real retail price.
  9. I don't have any pictures saved & I'm very pregnant right now so I can't get into my belts now lol!! But basically I tie the wrap dress as usual & then put the CdC belt over the self-ties. I usually take one end of the self-tie & move it so that it drapes over the outside of the CdC & the other end goes behind it. Try it! I was so sick of my wrap dresses until I started experimenting with adding belts.
  10. I know what you mean. As you can probably imagine, the really "different" reversible combos are even harder to come by than, well, any belt strap. A few months ago, you couldn't find a belt strap in anything to save your life!!!! Anyway, often times, stores only get a couple of the latest combos. Last week I was offered Blue Hydra/Crocus. It was the only piece and very hard to turn down but I have Blue Electric/Graphite and am not in love with Crocus. I have been a stalker of also. Most of the time, there are nice colors reversing to black or gold. I have seen a mustard color (maybe Mangue)/Natural a few times and Bleu Jean to white. But the really pop combos I own have been purchased from the boutique.

    C! OMG!!!! I would looooove jaune d'or/orange, if this is possible :woot:
  11. I will give it a shot, though I usually have a hard enough time keeping the regular ties in place and not fussing with them :smile:. Congrats on your pregnancy.
  12. There is also a Tosca and Black combo, it's Goegeous!! I want it but my SA says it was offered last yr And doesn't know if it will be offered this yr :sad:
    I sure hope so!!!
  13. OK i think it may have been jaune d'or/gold... something like that!

    ohhhh thanks for reminding me, i also saw a tosca/etoupe!
  14. Confirmed at my local H boutique-- each customer is only allowed to purchase one belt! I don't know how long you have to wait before you can purchase another belt. Does anyone know if has the same restrictions?? The belt situation at H is getting more & more ridiculous lol!!
  15. I was tons there is now a crocus and Blue hydra, my SA is expecting it, can't wait to see it!!