Official Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. That red charm/mini-bag is too cute!
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  2. and that's the 'Beauty'...
    :lol: :lol:
    they had the same size charms in wider stips in turquose blue, it was okay-ish, but i am not sure if those wide stips will be safe, since it's supposed to be hanging and swinging, it will be very easy to get hooked and pulled at any potential occasion!
  3. I have the perforated style! (AKA backyard shoes)...
  4. this horror comes in white, too!

    Attached Files:

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  5. :sick:
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  6. The Pre-Fall 2019 bags have pretty much all hit the stores now. Who's EXCITED? :woot:
    Yeah, me neither. :blah:
    Anyway, here is one to get us all started:
    THE MARIE BAG in Nappa retails for $3,750.00 USD and is available in Bordeaux, Butterscotch, and Nero.
    The Marie Bag was styled so beautifully by this very animated model. Look how excited she is y'all!
    BV Pre-Fall Lookbook Marie Bag.png BV Pre-Fall Marie Bag in Nappa 01.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Nappa Bordeaux 6208.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Nappa Butterscotch 7726.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Nappa Nero 8425.png
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  7. THE MARIE BAG also comes in "Cashmere Suede"
    Here it is shown in Emerald Green, Bordeaux, and Midnight Blue.
    Also retailing for $3,750.00 USD
    BV Pre-Fall 2019 Marie Cashmere Suede.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Cashmere Suede Emerald Green 3058.png

    BV Pre-Fall 2019 Cashmere Suede Bordeaux 6279.png

    BV Pre-Fall 2019 Midnight Blue Cashmere Suede 4256.png
  8. Naturally, no BV style would be complete without an exotic version.
    Here is THE MARIE BAG in natural-finish Python. Colours available are Naturale and Butterscotch.
    This slithering bad girl will set you back $6,300.00 USD
    BV Pre-Fall 20019 Marie Bag Python.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Python Naturale 9219.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Python Butterscotch 7726.png
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  9. She looks absolutely thrilled to be there. Not.
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  10. Thanks so much for posting.
  11. No comment on her or the bags.
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  12. No words :hrmm::yucky::shocked:
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  13. I hope they don’t do the robot faced luggage tote in intrecciato :sad:
  14. Thank you for posting Von. The new guy is killing my BV fire. :whut:
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  15. Apparently the artistic vision is deceased.