Official Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Thank you- I will keep you posted when it arrives.
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  2. :tup:
  3. Yay! I'm glad you found something that suited you. :flowers:
    What did you think of the other new bags? Did they have any of the new shoulder bags in the boutique yet?
  4. On the website, they are showing a $750 wider strap “cabat” strap in the same colors as the Cabat bucket bag.
  5. This fabulous bracelet was on BVs Instagram the other day day. Details haven’t been released yet. It reminds me of the deco series.
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  6. Finally! I think I like something.
    I think... :lol:
  7. Thank you. I really didn't look at the other bags- I didn't have much time and ran over with my son so I had to stay focused.

    I will have to check out the wider straps. Thank you.
  8. My bucket cabat arrived yesterday and I do love it. It seems to be the same construction as the TM cabat. It is small but holds what I usually carry and there would be room for a scarf and gloves in the winter.
    The small wallet that comes with it seems very practical. It has three credit card slots that are easy to use. There is one vertical slot and I don't know what that is for. I couldn't get a credit card into it so just stuck in some cash. The zipper area holds a lot and the whole thing seems to be leather.
    The strap is too long even on it's shortest so I have just been knotting it. I don't love the look but I want to use it a while before having the strap shortened or going through the expense of getting the thicker strap.
    The clip to hold it closed is extremely difficult to open and close in fact I can't do it. I can access my things without difficulty so I'll wait to go to the boutique and let them loosen it up.
    Have only been using it for one day but so far it's a keeper- at least for me.
  9. IMG_1213.jpg

    I will try to take some better photo's -
  10. the Beauty and the Beast

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  11. seen them irl
    HIDEOUS is the only word that comes to my mind :facepalm:

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  12. :yucky::yucky:
  13. 085BF30D-5407-432A-92ED-FA3DB9AACDCE.jpeg
    I got mine at Ace Hardware! Under $10!
  14. OMG!! :facepalm: