Ode to the Double Sens

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  1. #1 Feb 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 8, 2010
    Anyone have any pictures. drawings. depictions, descriptions? I love my garden party but would like something a little bigger, that will go over my shoulder and in fun colors for work...
  2. I saw this tote in the picture book today. It's your basic tote, but with leather on the inside too, or at least a strip of something. I believe it's bicolored, so contrasting interior. Can't tell from the pics of it's all lined in leather, doubtful, but u never know. Looks really functional and simple.
  3. any idea on price?
  4. H-monkey, what are the straps like? Can they def be worn over the shoulder, or are they more like the GP?
  5. They can definitely be worn over the shoulder, not like the GP at all. Really a simple tote bag. It will be a big hit for sure. I have no idea on pricing, but would imagine it would be around the same as a GP? It all depends if it's lined in silk, toile, or leather.
  6. Thanks HM!!! I can't wait to see this bag! :tup:
  7. From what I understand, the new tote is indeed leather on the inside and is intended to be reversible...
  8. This sounds so interesting and user friendly! :graucho: Can't wait to see drawings or pics!
  9. Wow, a reversible one? Is Hermes preparing to challenge the ultimate large tote - the Cabat? :smile:
  10. on a separate thread, there is a men's large tote bag being shown on the FW 2010 collection already.

    however, as always, the women's version sounds far more interesting with the reversibility usage :amuse:! would love to see a pic!
  11. Sounds absolutely intriguing. I love simple tote bags.
  12. Reversible sounds v cool, as long as the price is not DOUBLE! :s Everyone always needs extra totes!
  13. sounds very interesting !!
    Looking forward to a picture.
  14. new hermes double bag
    does any one know the new double bag two sides leather (different color) reversible if you know can u please let me kno the size and price
    i m considering to buy that this winter :smile:
  15. it is coming in this fall. price is around HKD29000, as I am told. No idea as to size.
    there is a similar one from Celine at only a fraction of the price offered by H. Just HKD8000.