Ode to my Fixation

  1. This is my grail carre :heart::heart::heart:. Gorgeous!!!
  2. liness92 you are a brave angel to try this! Thank you so much.
    OK plan B - I will search for a new place for a 90

    I found the right - perfect place just an hour ago and prepared the speech for DH for that evening and I chose the Perpektive II because I think it is a good demonstration model and was a gift from DH because he liked it so much. Could there be a better scarf opened from the neck in a second and thrown on the wall, right hand the perfect matching painting in the matching colours and me in the matching shirt brightly smiling. "PLS I need this so badly?"

    OK I stop here. Seems like I am :nuts:
  3. ^^^ You aren't :nuts:. Just tell him that it this is cheaper than buying art, you have multiple uses for your scarves, and the art can change at any time without any further costs (because you already have a drawer full of scarves -- never mind that you might want to add more later :graucho:.)

    Looking forward to your reveal pictures on this thread!
  4. VanMiracle and Liness92 - I like your thinking! :graucho:

    Liness - yes, I would be afraid of fading so I'll search for the right spot away form any direct sunlight...or I'll have to move!
  5. MiaT, liness92:heart::heart:
    The thing with the art doesn't work, but I will cook all weekend meat esp. Roastbeef. That works most of the time ;)
  6. Whatever works! I'll be taking notes for future reference...
  7. I have discussed the issue of mounting scarves with Hermes staff in the past and the general feeling is that any prolonged exposure to atmospheric light, dust, etc. which is inevitable is going to have some effect on the silk- it is going to change it. I suppose if you rotate the scarves frequently, then the scarves will keep their color and luster. But for any length of time or mounted in a frame behind glass, the scarf has permanently become art. I would not recommend wearing it and I would never sell such a scarf to wear again (at least not without full disclosure).
  8. I dropped into my boutique today and, among other things, was checking on the progress of getting a set (or two) of these! They STILL have not arrived in my boutique - apparently the demand far exceeded the supply so I suspect that this is something that will require a "re-order" so that the boutiques can have more.

    I agree that I would not to want my scarves hanging in direct sunlight, but this is the same mounting system that is used in my boutique - and I suspect most others - I think certain colors are more prone to fading, but I intend to change mine up so I'm not worried about the brief periods of time during which one will be hanging. And frankly, I'd rather have them out to enjoy.
  10. what is involved in attaching the system to the wall? I presume a carpenter's level + patience are de rigeur
  11. I just picked this up yesterday, SO and I plan to hang it today. I'm so excited!

    It looks like to hang it, you need a level, patience, a drill, drywall anchors if applicable, a measuring tape, and some sort of right-angle measure. SO tells me the hard part will be hanging four corners of a square so they are actually a square... he mentioned something about diagonal lines being an easier way to do it.... really not sure but I'll post detailed instructions once we get it up.
  12. Hmm do you need to buy the type of ruler with a bubble in it, to make sure that the line you draw is perfectly horizontal?

  13. Yes, That is called a "level"
  14. Thank you andee, I'm glad to know the official name of that ruler! :tup:
  15. And don't forget some How to pictures!!! Good luck!:tup: