Now that we have cell phones that tell time, do we still buy watches anymore?

  1. I stopped wearing watches years ago when I got my first cell phone. Strangely, I did not notice this new habit until I traveled out of the country, and realized that I could not use my cell. Needless to say, I was constantly searching for sources in order to know what time it was. I was definitely lost!

    Wonder if you girls or ladies buy or wear watches anymore?
  2. I never wear a watch anymore since I have my cell phone now, but it's so bad because when my cell phone dies, I'm completely LOST. I don't know what time it is or anything. It drives me insane that i'm so dependent on my cell phone! :s
  3. I don't think, generally speaking, watches will ever replace cell phones. In strictly functional terms, it seems easier to flick your wrist and glance at a watch than to dig in a purse or pocket for a cell phone. I still wear a watch. ;)
  4. I never liked to wear watches. I used to have to before cellphones, but now I don't. The only bad thing is, if the battery dies or if you're talking on it, you don't know the time. I have one friend who always asks me the time on the phone and I say "I can't tell you when I'm talking to you!" :roflmfao:
  5. Oh my god I HOPE so!!!! I am holding out for a Cartier tank watch for our 10th wedding anniversary. I looove watches.

    BTW - this whole trend now-a-days for women to wear chunky men's watches... Well, I have been wearing men's wristwatches since highschool!! I have always loved the look of men's watches, and how they made my wrist look smaller and more delicate. Just so amazed that I actually jumped a trend on that one.:yahoo: :lol:
  6. Wow, congratulations! That's my favorite watch of all time.
  7. I haven't worn a watch for about 5 years now. I rely on my cell phone to tell the time. It's annoying to not be able to tell the time when the phone is dead or I'm talking to someone and need to know what time it is.
  8. I hate watches. It is funny how many my parents have bought me in hopes that I'd take up the habit of wearing them... and how many watches I've returned to stores! It just isn't comfortable to me. So having the time on my cell is a life saver usually! And just like everyone else... only bad when I forget my cell, the battery dies or I'm talking on it... but overall it is much easier to do that for me!
  9. I still wear a watch. I hate digging for my cell phone just to find out the time. Like IntlSet said, it's so much easier just to glance at my wrist.
  10. I feel naked without a watch! lol And at shows where I sell my jewelry my watches are always a big draw since they're different and more bracelet like. Plus I don't have my cell phone with me at all times (like at work where it sits in my purse).
  11. I love watches and I always have one on...even when I sleep.
  12. I LOVE my watch! I think the art of telling time is close to being dead, and I simply won't have it! Even in the little screen in my phone it has a regular clock, not digital.
  13. I absolutely LOVE timepieces and never leave the house without wearing one. I have a Rolex, Raymond Weil, and three Ebels. My next investment will be a Cartier tank watch.
  14. I definitely rely on my cell phone for the time. When I accidentally forget to bring it, I feel lost!
  15. I'd rather use my cell phone for time. I have too many cute bracelets to waste wrist space on a timepiece.