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  1. :nogood: Is it just me or is the new Coach purses not that much to write home about. When I looked into the new Coach catalog I saw purses that had the same themes and the colors are a little blah...what happened to the fun and creativity that Coach use to have. Most of the purses in the catalog are leather and they have turnlocks embedded onto them, dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that but in my opinion coach is getting a little boring. But I do have to give Coach credit with Sophie, she is beautiful.
  2. Hey soror. ;)

    I actually like some of what Coach has come out with for the fall. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the Sabrina or the Delphine, or some of the other bags that other Coachies have been drooling over, but I'm still loving the Ergo and Legacy bags, and I'm really interested to see some of the other items that haven't made it physically to the boutiques. I hope you find some items that you love soon.
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    I agree with you. I'm not loving the new styles at all. I find the square brick-like Hamptons Vintage pockets "too blocky" :sick: or the three-pocket Legacy Peyton (peyote) bag. That bag reminds me of the Greek cyclops. Kinda weird. (Sorry TPFers who bought that bag, but that's how I feel).

    That female model who was featured in the Spring and Summer catalogue looks angrier and fiercer now with all that black makeup, IMHO. I don't like her much anymore. And the other blonde model, looks a little indifferent and unconcerned.

    I hope the cost-cutting campaign isn't cutting into their creativity either. You know, maybe I should just stop buying Coach now before it gets worse.

    Take care,
  4. I am not wowed, however, I do like the Sabrina. I am hoping they come out with some more exciting stuff this fall and closer to the holidays.
  5. I love all the new leather styles. I haaaate signature so its nice to finally have some handbag options, typically I stick to the accessories.
  6. I think Coach has done an amazing job this fall! I think for once their taking a risk and doing something different. Could you imagine how much business the signature fabric does for the company? It's probably ridiculous! I love the fact that the new book has not one piece in signature. That is so risky and daring that they are wanting to show people a new side of them. The bleecker line is so sleek and great for everyday and has so many colors! Then the legacy its so vintage and fresh with the new belting buckles instead of turnlocks! How creative! And then the hamptons very soft and so tailored, very preppy! I think anyone could find a bag with the assortment they have out now. I hope to see more of this creative side of COACH!
  7. I actually really like all the new stuff. Its nice to see coach going back to the leather classic pieces. Thats what coach was known for, leather. I have the zoe and the hamptons carryall and both bags are awesome. The leather is stunning and the hardware is really great. I am happy with the new direction coach is taking.
  8. I actually like a ton of the new fall bags. Usually I like maybe one or two each season. I would love at least four of the new fall ones.
  9. I love all the new leather goodies! Coach did a great job with the Legacy and Hampton Lines!!
  10. I'm kind of "eh" about the new stuff too. I liked the Pleated Ergo Hobo quite a bit when I tried it on at a boutique today (in rose), but otherwise, nothing has really grabbed me in store or from what I've seen in this forum (new bag previews).

    I just got a Coach giftcard for my birthday, but I think I'm going to wait and see what comes out in late Fall/early Winter before buying.
  11. Well the new catalog was kinda eh...great bags but a little pricey and I'm not quite into the whole leather yet...BUT this past season and some of the bags online are TDF!! I was feeling just like you about 6 months ago but they really came out with some great stuff (aka purple lol) so I hope they continue to
  12. I also LOVE the leather stuff. I'm not that into signature bags, probably because I see those everywhere! Everyone has one around here.

    As for the Fall collection, there are about 2 leather bags I would love to have. I am still a Coach newbie when it comes to the boutiques. I usually just shop at the outlet, so I guess I can't really compare this seasons to those of the past.
  13. LegacyStripes, I read your post and went "nuh uh!! I swear I saw a signature piece in there!!" So I went and grabbed the new catalog, and of course you were right LOL. I didn't even notice, how funny is that?! The only thing in there w/ any sig on it is a little bit of the accessories.

    Nothing is really jumping out at me, I won't mind waiting to see what pops up for late fall/winter, I'm hoping for a pretty holiday patchwork, I'm picky about what I like to see, maybe a myriad of patent in different colors would be pretty :smile:
  14. I don't love any of them in particular, but I do really like the new Heritage Stripe satchel.
  15. I agree with the Signature comment. I remember when it first came out and I was getting really frustrated. I finally asked why I could not find a new Coach that was just plain leather...used to be one knew it was a Coach by the leather alone.

    Well, this one salesperson told me that Coach, the company, was appealing to a certain group of people that liked labels. From that point on until just this year I never bought another Coach. I do like the new clutches that they are coming out with - they are cute.