Not so Hott!!!!!

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  1. i think the fall lines are generally mor eleather then sig. it might not b in the catalogue but still a lot of sig online though
  2. I have liked most of the bags in the pictures, but have been really disappointed with them IRL. I think they just look cheap compared to what I am used to seeing out of Coach.
  3. ita!
  4. I'm not really feeling any of the new styles, which is good for my wallet! :yes:
  5. I agree with you. While I LIKE some of the new stuff, nothing has really caught my eye. Everything on my wishlist is mostly legacy bags from '06 and '07. Nothing tops those bags in my book.
  6. I need to use a credit for PCE. There are a few styles I like but there is just too much purple. I know purple is in for the fall but I would like more colors. I love the teal lindsay but it's too pricey for me at this time.
  7. I'm waiting on the new factory Legacy line. Hopefully it'll be awesome!
  8. I do think I am turning into a Legacy and leather bag lover too! I have a few sig bags already, now I want some leather.
  9. i'm a huge fan of the bleeker line .. but those are pretty basic bags

    i think the sabrina and the new laced ergo satchel have nice detail though ...