Not made in France....

  1. Does it bother you if your items are not made in France? I know this may sound a bit shallow, but I'm new, so that's my excuse....
  2. I know the shoes are from Italy.
    But Arent most of the purses from France?
  3. I admit I love getting pieces that are made in France, but it doesn't necessarily bother me. I have bags/accessories that are made in the USA, France and Spain. I would prefer them be made in France but it wouldn't stop me from purchasing something just because they weren't made there! :yes:

  4. France, Spain & USA
  5. Nope, it doesn't bother me....I actually like my LV BH having been made in U.S.A.
  6. I understand...I don't seem to mind much about the accessories (weird I know), but I'm a little particular about the bags:shame: . But you're right, I would not stop purchasing for that sole reason.
  7. France,spain, USA and now India
  8. ...yea, if Spain and U.S.A. bother people - wait until MADE IN INDIA comes out! HA! HA! - Lanini63 -good point, HA! HA!!!!

    Question...MADE IN INDIA for a LV is it still worth the price? Ummm....interesting debate!!
  9. ^ITA^:lol: :lol: :lol: Can't wait to see the posts on that!
  10. I actually like knowing that pieces are made in the USA ...

    Also, for eBay purchases, I haven't seen a single fake that says it's made in the USA or Spain. So if the stamp says those two countries I always know my purchase isn't a fake! That's my tip for today for fellow eBayers.
  11. Nah, it doesn't bother me at all. Quality is still the same, it's still an authentic piece, so I don't even think about it. ;)
  12. same here. I don't really care about where it's made as long as they're authentic.
  13. it's kinda bother me a bit..when I received my epi and it is made in Spain, i was like, aaw..

    but, it didnt make me regret, still like it:smile:
  14. It never bothers me, it's kind of fun to me to think my LVs have come to me around the world. Although most of mine are made in France I do have a Spain and a US one, too!
  15. Me too!