North- South Expandable

  1. Can anyone tell me about this bag? Is it expandable? I think I am interest in it in black... anyone have an idea of measurements?
    Expandable North-South Tote.jpg
  2. Also, is the hardware gold or silver?
  3. This is the new expandable coming out for fall. It retails for $2295 and comes in red, brown, black and white. Here are some pics taken from a couple of different trunk shows. The only thing I am not clear on is the gathering of the chain on the sides. The pic you posted has that gathering and these pics don't, but I know they are the same bag. I believe the hardware is silver. Sorry, don't know the measurements.

  4. Im waitlisted for this bag at Chanel in brown..I adored it at the trunk show
  5. love this one in red. I'll probably either get this or the new bordeaux GST that's suppoed to come.
  6. I love this bag too and listed for it in black. I think the chains gather on the side and are secured under the flaps on the side.
    Does anyone know when they are expected in the stores/boutique?
  7. ^^I believe July/August. I am waitlisted for this also and I think that is what the boutique told me.
  8. I think this is supposed to be Act I, but I got a call that the frame expandable bag is in already. I've also seen several Pocket in the City bags, some 8 Knot totes, and the small and very cute Bubble quilt flap.
  9. oooh Bubble quilt is REALLY cute!
  10. ^YEP..I have seen the expandable frame,pocket in the city bags,and the bubble bags in many stores already.I have a feelin the expandable totes will be in soon...2 weeks....
  11. Cute bag! I like how this bag has longer straps!
  12. I'm waiting for it too. What do you mean that the chains gather on the side and are under the flaps on the side? Are you sure? It doesn't look like there are flaps. It looks like a normal tote to me. That's what I like about it. Does anyone know?
  13. I love the look of this tote, but CHANELboy noted that it is flat with not much of a base so doesn't stand up on its own unless it is filled properly. I hate bags that flop over so crossed it off my list. The pics are great though.

    Jayne - I think we need a side view of this bag - I'm having a hard time visualizing it too.
  14. In the pic of the red tote there are small flaps on the side at the top, the CC dangles from the right side. It looks like the chains are pulled through those small flaps and the flaps are snapped to the bag. I think that is why the shape is different in the 2 pics.
  15. The red looks better too! Very nice!