Nordstrom Had Tons Of Chloes Today

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  1. I've never seen such a big selection! The SA showed me the new mini paddington which she said just came in, there was the tote, an incredible solid gold paddington, the hobos..........I told her my whiskey paddington was in transit.....she was oooing and ahhhing my LV green perforated speedy the whole time.
  2. I don't suppose there were any Edith's?
  3. Ahhh that is awesome! Where do you live?
  4. The Seattle store has the bags behind glass, the Bellevue store has them on the shelf with a SA keeping guard! There were tons of the pocket bags and bettys too.
  5. What colors did the mini's come in??
  6. Yeah, I spoke with someone at NM dallas today. They had NO edith's (or any expected in at any time) – but she said that they had a TON of Betty's for sale on the floor! (if anyone was looking for a betty!) :smile:
  7. Hey there fellow Seattleite! Did you see them in seattle or bellevue???
  8. Hello, I'm a new member at this forum.. Recently, I've been in love with Chloe paddy, & looking forward to have one too.. I just called nordstrom store in my area & they will have new shipment next week. I asked the price for the med paddy, it's $1620 (w/o tax). I'm quite surprised.. are they increasing the price? But Anyway.. I just found out that if we buy it from LVR, it'll be couple hundreds dollar cheaper.. Have any one of you order from there? I'm a bit nervous buying things from overseas..

    One more thing, I 'm thinking of buying the small paddy, since I think the med paddy is a bit too big for me (I'm 5'3'' and like small bag). Anybody has small paddy? How much is the retail price? Thanks so much... you guys are the best, I love reading this forum since I've got tons info re. all kinds of bags...
  9. I have purchased from LVR. The customer service is not great (they are bad about answering e-mails) and you will have to pay customs, but you will save $$$. My bag arrived beautifully packaged and in perfect condition.
  10. Did Nordstrom have the medium pocket bags in the white/blanc color? Does anyone have a telephone number for them?
  11. I just bought a new paddy from the Chloe store at South Coast Plaza and the new retail for the regular paddy satchel is $1540.

    The small paddys were selling at $1380 (I believe).

    If you like small bags then you definitely want a baby paddy - the regular satchel is not HUGE but it is a good size.
  12. Ugh! I am calling around the Nordstrom stores and no one seems to understand what I am describing as the medium pocket bag! Coldplaylover, do you happen to know what they were calling the medium pocket bag? Did it have a specific name? I know it is also the "professor" but they are telling me they don't have it. SO hard to do these things over the phone!
  13. I don't know what they were calling them but there were several pocket bags and they looked large to me.
  14. Nordstrom will receive the bag, but I don't think many stores have gotten them in yet. Their lookbook refers to the medium pocket as the "new paddy satchel". I had the best luck with the manager of the handbag department at Nordstrom Westchester (White Plains, NY). Her name is Joya. She has a handle on the bag and the colors Nordstrom will receive. She processed a pre-order for me...
  15. I think one of them finally did say she found a "new satchel" for the price of the pocket. Do you know when they are supposed to come in? Should I call her tomorrow?:blink: