Dec 13, 2006
I am glad this thread has been started even though I am obviously a speedy lover. I think it's a relevant discussion bec. we should never lose sight of what's true to us and what we really like vs. the consensus of fashion(which is really a fickle state always in flux anyways). The mono speedy in particular is what drew my attention to lv, I was into burberry prior but found myself liking a certain burberry style shaped identical to a speedy(burberry borrows many shapes from LV). So I then decided skip the burberry chester(speedy) and just go for the original, lol, and that was a month ago or so. I really enjoyed the mono but sold it bec. that one was used and wanted a new one after getting the damier new. Now, it's funny but I have the other side of the problem as the OP bec. I don't know what other style in LV suits me. I entertained a 3rd speedy in epi but don't feel that's me either. I welcome any suggestions, lol. My friend suggested a vavin gm which I think is very pretty(hardly popular in comparison to a speedy, but I worry it might be too big for me considering my height and build. I like the ellipse and papillon 30 as well. I'm a major plotter and I am trying to decide what bag to get 'next' after the new mono speedy 30 in Mar. I hate not knowing, lol, what to want!
So to you non speedy lv lovers, what other styles, shoulder in particular do you think are best?