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  1. Anyone here like myself? I don't own a single LV Speedy but I have tried reeeeeally hard to buy one still, I can't do it !! :confused1:
    I feel awkward with it...somehow, I feel kind of strange about it whenever I go to the LV stores, seeing all the Speedys and never failing to see someone in the store trying one..*
  2. Hey
    I also dont have speedy in my collection but plan on buying one next year in Epi since i hear doesnt sag like damier and monogram canvas
  3. i dont have a speedy either (maybe the age counts, for the fact that im 12), but i plan to get one by this time next year!
  4. I don't have one in my collection either. It's not because I don't like them, I do.. its just that it has never been a priority to own one.:flowers:
  5. I didn't fall for the speedy untill it came out in Damier, now I want them all :nuts:
  6. I don't have a single speedy. But the damier 25 or 30 is on my wishlist. I really wanted to have an epi speedy 25 in moka but now it's too late :sad:
  7. The closest to ever owning one was in Damier but I wasn't convinced.
    I work within the CBD vicinity and see lots of women carrying the Monogram Speedy everyday, they seem to sag quite abit hence loosing its shape :shame:
    I like the red in epi but I would have to get an entire wardrobe for it.:sad:
    But Speedy is supposed to be the best seller for LV ...:s
  8. I dont own a speedy i like it in the damier and epi thought.
  9. I don't own a Speedy as well! I wanted to get one, maybe I will sometime soon
  10. I agree that everyone has the mono, whenever I go to the mall a million girls carry it, trying it on in the store, etc. and it turned me off a bit. But the more I see it, the more I love it cause it's such a classic bag!

    If you don't care for the mono, and you really want a speedy, get the black epi or the mini lin, they are so understated and look elegant :yes:
  11. I don't have a speedy. I bought one. I tried to like it and I just couldn't do it. I sold it. You don't have to have one in your collection...even though I'm in love with the Mini Lin Speedy right now.
  12. I also don't own a speedy. Everytime I buy another Louis I always seem to choose another style? I've also tried hard to buy one but never end up with it. Guess I tend to buy more shoulder bags...But now I'm wanting one in the mini lin or damier! Go figure? You're not alone....
  13. I never wanted a speedy before joining this board...but now I have a cerises speedy and I'm a convert. I want more!
  14. OMG..I was just thinking this..I don't have a speedy at all. Ironic because it's was the mc speedy 30 that made me gaga over LV! Everytime I go into Holt I feel like I should and plan on buying one....but end up with something else! I think it's the "sagging" factor that's stopping from actually getting one. Although whenever I see a speedy sag/unsag I never fail to admire it..lol.

    the BF did make a "bottom" for my other bag in the past......maybe it's time to put him to work again!
  15. i have 3 speedy in my collection...i can't remember the last time they got used :shrugs: