No new bids on a no reserve bag! What to do now?

  1. Hey everyone,

    For those that remember my problem, I listed a Coach bag with no reserve and started the bidding at $0.99. It's only at $10.50 now, and I'm really worried! I really wasn't planning on selling it for that low a price, and although I know more bids might come in over the next few days, I just want to know what my options are...can I cancel my auction? I want to pursue the least shady course of action possible.

    Thanks all!
  2. You can cancel your listing by going to Site Map, and End Your Listing. If I were you, I'd canel my listing and start with the min. amount you are willing to let go.
  3. Your Coach bag is likely to receive more interest towards the end of the auction, but there's absolutely no guarantee it will reach the price you want, it's a risk. To be safe I'd cancel the auction and relist, starting at the lowest amount you would accept, or else set a reserve price. Good luck!
  4. When does it end?? Do you have a lot of "watchers", if so you might get bids at the last minute.
  5. You *might* get more bids in the last 12 hours, but then again, maybe not.
    I would just list it with a BIN and Best Offer option. No stress or worrying about it reaching a reserve. Many buyers don't like reserves either!
  6. I only have eight watchers and two active bidders. The auction ends in 3 you think I should still cancel it now? Also, if I cancel, should I send the bidders a message?

    Thanks for all of the helpful advice, I really appreciate it!
  7. well I actually listed a coach bag about a month ago and it went up like $20 in the last 10 minutes...

    I think people usually like to bid when it comes close to the end so maybe you should keep it up?!
  8. I've had bags go up $50+ in the last 10 minutes, so I wouldn't worry. Then again, I don't know what style of Coach it is, some are more popular than others on eBay.

    I always start my bidding at a bit below what I want to sell it for, and have a BIN for what I want it to sell for.

  9. I have recently learned that having a large # of watchers doesn't guarantee that a bag will sell!! Four times now, I have listed the same handbag and with each listing, I have had no fewer than 21 people watching. Needless to say, had it sold, I wouldn't have to keep paying the relisting fees.:cursing::cursing: I've come to the conclusion that those watching are themselves sellers and possibly tPF members. Finally, yesterday someone used the BIN option to buy it.....well, guess what--it was an attempt to screw me out of the bag. Luckily, my gut told me that something wasn't right from the very beginning and I prevented the loss of my handbag. What I find unfair is that I must now pay to relist after having paid for a 7 day listing that ended badly after 2 days! My advice would be to cancel the auction and relist setting your starting price at no less than what you are willing to settle for. Make sure you take into consideration both eBay and PayPal fees.
  10. Which Coach bag is it? Depending on the style you may or may not want to let it ride. The most popular Coach bags will get lots of bids especially towards the end. Are you providing enough pics in the listing? If you are going to end the listing be aware you will be allowed to do so anytime except during the final 12 hrs.
  11. I think that you still have enough time for it to get up there in price. I would wait another day and see what happens. If it gets too close to the last 12 hours prior to auction end, that is when you might want to consider ending it. I have always noticed that my auctions get the most activity at the very end.
  12. If I remember correctly, you have a Coach bag that isn't necessarily "New" or a current style. I'd let the auction ride. I remember looking one up that was similar for you and seeing that it had reached $45+ with time left on the clock. You can always do a completed items search to see what others have ended at.

    Whatever you do, if you do cancel the auction and relist... Do a Buy It Now/Best offer auction. Don't do a reserve, and don't start the price higher than like $9.99. That really does turn buyers off and you won't get the interest in your auction.

    Just remember, you don't get a break on the fees if you cancel and relist. You will be charged twice as much (for two auctions). Higher starting price = higher fees, Reserve=more fees!
  13. Most buyers wait to bid until the last day/ 12 hours.. it's the smartest thing to do so people don't drive the price up, but they are right it really depends on the style & condition.. Good luck!
  14. When you have bids, you can end your listing early up to 12 hours before it is scheduled to end. For your own peace of mind, if it is still $10.50 you may want to end it and relist it with a starting bid that you can live with - with no reserve. (I still think you will get a lot of action in the last hour before the auction ends.) Good luck.
  15. the first day of listing and the last day before auction ending is when you will get the most bids..