No more balenciaga... changing to fendi instead...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a relatively new member here who was searching for a Bbag for a girlfriend's birthday~ I have exhausted myself in search of the perfect Bbag that I like 100% (since my girlfriend and I have very similar tastes)...

    I was initially going to get a glacier city because I love the color but I can't get over the veiny-ness! And none of the SS07 colors I am satisfied with completely... (they are all stunning in their own ways... but don't really work for me 100%) the other color I was considering was marine which I thought didn't have enough color for my liking...

    A blueberry city would have been perfect or cornflower, indigo, sky blue but I can't seem to find any that I can get shipped to Australia...

    With my gf's birthday only a week away, I can't delay any longer... so Ive decided to change to a Fendi spy (which I know is one of the HG bags which she doesn't have yet)... it is regretful as Ive spent heaps of time doing the research on these forums and atilier.naff and have grown to love Bbags... but I think I will wait until bal makes a blue which I really like :crybaby:

    So... I have three choices... (see pics)
    1. Spy in chocolate leather
    2. Spy in white leather
    3. Spy in black velvet with "unique feathering trim"

    Out of these I like the velvet the best (as i believe a spy looks best in black and because i love the feathering trim)...

    But Im worried about the velvet... is velvet very hard to maintain? Does it last a long time? I was worried it might be damaged if worn on the shoulder due to abrasion... and also is velvet "less substatial" than leather??

    Of the three spy's which one would you ladies choose? Is white much harder to maintain than chocolate? I know this belongs on the fendi forum but everyone here is so knowledgeable that I didnt want to go anywhere else...

    Last question is: does sell authentic fendi? This was the place I was going to purchase the Bal...

    Thanks everyone for putting up with all my long posts and many questions! Forgive me for temporarilly converting to Fendi! :sweatdrop:


    blackvelvet.jpg chocolate.jpg white.jpg
  2. Questions about the spy bag should be directed to the Fendi forum, they will be able to help you. And I am sure sooner or later, Balenciaga will make a blue that you love, so hang in there!:smile:

    Oh, and I would choose the chocolate spy....
  3. Thanks LoriB,
    1 vote for the chocolate~

    The fendi board is rather slow compared to the energetic Bbag board... and my time limit is running out... must decide must decide... :wacko:

    someone with ANY velvet bag please help me~~~ :sos:
  4. I think Diabro is authentic.

    I don't like chocolate colored handbags, myself - unless I have dozens of others.

    I love the honey/caramel colored Fendis.

    I'd choose the black with feathers and velvet, myself. My DH wants me to get one, but I'd rather have 2 B-bags.

    Velvet isn't leather - it doesn't hold up like leather does. Suede and velvet are both lovely but in most people's worlds - they are also somewhat temporary. Will she carry this bag every day? Is the velvet Fendi as spendy as the leather one?
  5. Melisande R,
    The velvet is slightly cheaper than the velvet... she will probably carry it twice a week...
    I velvet looks nicer and the chocolate is more practical... white is harder to maintain but looks nice too...

    The choices we face in life... :smile:
  6. I am a Balenciaga freak but I love my Chocco Spy. for a classic, Chocco Leather rocks. White is hard to maintain especially for a Spy and the velvet Spy will possibly be used only for evenings?
    Pls don't be offended.. if I ask where you got the pictures for the last 2 bags. There's something not right about them.. I think the bags are a little flattish.. perhaps it's the angle... the actual bags sit rounded and even if empty - will sit soft and plump..
    do visit the Fendi threads as the gals there will definitely have loads of opinions!
  7. The Honey Wisteria and White Wisteria is the same bag as the velvet you pick out only its in leather, this would be a lot better bag then the velvet.

    If you was looking for a blue, the spy has the new blueberry out, no wisteria flower bit down the front though stunning bag. Have a look on or
  8. i vote for the chocolate. one of my friends has the white spy and it's really really dirty now... with white bags you really need to take care of it because it only looks really good when it's clean!
  9. I prefer chocolate. Black is a little to dark for my liking and I'd be paranoid about getting the white one dirty.

    Also with black, I think it maybe a little harder to see the detailing whereas chocolate its easier.
  10. Our of those 3, I would choose Chocolate. I cannot bring myself to pay >$2K for a velvet or satin bag. I just don't see or appreciate the value. The velvet Spy looks like my grandma's toiletry bag. That's just my opinion though. I know many, many people would disagree with me and I appreciate that...If it were me buying, I would choose a Honey or Petrol (blue) coloured Spy. Perhaps you should get her a gift certificate from BalNY or a Fendi store? Make sure it's valid for 12 months. Bal will definately release another blue. Have you considered a French Blue City?
  11. I would pick the chocolate spy as well ... I love the wisteria design (the velvet one) but prefer it in leather not in the velvet. I've heard that sells authentic bags ... I know some tPFers have purchased bags from there and have been quite happy with them. Good luck with your decision!

    The chocolate is absolutely terrific!!! Wisteria in honey is one of my other favorites too. There are so many great neutral spy colors that it's hard to go wrong. Your gf is very lucky!

    Maybe they'll hear our plea and make a blueberry wisteria!
  13. The velvet black would be nice.
  14. Another vote for Spy in chocolate leather. =)
  15. Ah. Another Balenciaga covert!

    I too had been let down by the s/s 07 bal colours and went and got myself a Chocolate Spy. :heart:

    So, of course I would vote for Chocolate, but you really can't go wrong with any Spy because they are all so beautiful.

    Good luck:smile: