No More Bags!


Jan 10, 2006
jc2239 said:
i read that thread too and im' trying to stop but i need help :sad2:.......i think i'm okay until i see bags other have purchased on the forum and then i'm on the hunt again, searching through bags like crazy to find my next purchase.....i'm a student and i find myself skipping meals/necessities to fund my habit i think i have a problem obsessions seem to's a vicious cycle

congrats moe on ur decision.......i totally support u :biggrin:
Thanks for the support!! Take baby steps jc2239 try letting go a top then maybe a pair of shoes soon you'll find what is practical and what you really need and you'll be able to stop yourself from impulse buying. I had that sickness for years i'm slowly but surely healing. Watchin my savings account grow is so much fun!!!soon i can blow it on a hermes birkin. lol Totally absoultely KIDDING!!!
best of luck!
Jan 10, 2006
moe said:
Thank you sweet heart for helping your fellow purseaholic take a break. I can't speak for others but after reading your thread and talking to you I've decided to just get one more and stop buying purses for a while. Hopefully i can hold off till Fall since i've seen most of the Spring Summer stuff anyways and i'm not a fan of light colored bags except for white.
Love you lots Wickedassin. Thanks again!
Aww--that's super sweet! Thank you! I just thought, especially feeling like I was getting too caught up in the hunt, that it wouldn't hurt to suggest pacing ourselves. We shouldn't go into debt, not eat lunch, or not plan for the future, just for a purse... Even for a Birkin :amuse:
Jan 10, 2006
Greenie said:
Okay, so if everybody stops buying bags, what are we going to talk about? :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS I did not say that we had to COMPLETELY stop. Just maybe slow it down. Don't shop beyond your means, etc.


Jan 6, 2006
you're right I definetly belong here!! No more nags or little thingies for me until April 22nd. I didn't even enjoy getting my lovely :love: agenda in vernis framboise that much but I needed it because I sold my old Mulberry on ebay!
and on 22nd I'll buy just a little LV pa with the little holes in monogram and orange because then I hopefully will have passed my statistics and maths exam for university and I deserve something after that hard work:biggrin: . On anything else like paddy black and chanel cambon bowling bag talk me out of it but the paddy I cancel anyway to trendy for me but the chanel...


Cultural Ambassador
Jan 4, 2006
I've had a bit of a spree the last couple of months, most expensive bag was $270 which is a lot for me, but I also got a new watch and jewelry boxes -- it adds up, and now I'm eyeing the more expensive stuff after reading this forum. Forunately we're debt-free but I'm deciding to just put cash away for my next purchase. I'd like a tote of some sort, and maybe my first LV piece .. but I'm not going to do it until my little savings pot has enough .. so if you see me post any new pictures of those .. say Bad Vista ! .. jk :smile:

We need to remember that it is all just stuff, and that each person is greater than any bag.


Nov 28, 2005
I never shop beyond my means. If I did I couldn't sleep and when I don't sleep boy am I nasty and cranky!
Jan 10, 2006
serendipity3kb said:
I never shop beyond my means. If I did I couldn't sleep and when I don't sleep boy am I nasty and cranky!
Good call! Plus nasty and cranky is soo not pleasant.