No More Bags!

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  1. Ok, since I did a little PSA on people needing to open Roth IRAs, which was sooooooooooo popular (sarcasm there)... I'm going to do a PSA on no more bags for those that have gone overboard--I got this idea from telling Addicted no more and Star thought she should also be told the same thing :lol:

    So no more bags for at least you too. Just though you'd like a thread all of your own. And I don't mean it in a bad or mean way--just trying to help
  2. Can you add me to the list? :oh:

    However, the Moni Moni bags that are on their way (didn't know which color I would like better, the light or dark will most likely get sent back) and the Damier speedy for my bday that got cancelled on me does NOT count. :lol:

    I have bought more in quantity and spent more $ per bag than I ever have....I need to be stopped. :amazed:

    Hubby thanks you in advance. :P
  3. i need to be banned from all stores in the span of a week and a half i've purchased a fendi spy, chanel tote, and 2 balenciagas on its way(prepaid),i'm on the waiting list for the gaucho and the LV onatah too... please help.
    Hi my name is moe and i'm a purseaholic...........
  4. Good luck Wickedassin!! I feel for you..I have been trying to hold myself from buying another spy and I keep telling don't need another bag, you don't need another spy..he he..but I am so afraid that when my SA calls me to tell me that the gold/silver spy arrives, I will be running to the Fendi boutique and buy it!! I am very weak!!!!:biggrin::lol: . I probably needs alot of help but keep going back to this forum is not one of them that will help!!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: .
  5. Haha.. my arguement is always just one more though, just one !

    But you're right, I do eventually want to put my money away so it can do some work for me, rather than me working for it !
  6. Wickedassin, this is the perfect thread for me now!:lol: THANK-YOU! Very valuable forum, see?:amuse: :lol: :lol: I hope this thread has the same unrelenting drive all of the other threads have ignited in me!:lol: Think girls...indulge in images, indulge in the images, indu..:nuts: :blink: :blink: :wacko: :wacko:
  7. NO MORE PURSES FOR YOU! The Gaucho is just a trendy phase--pass on it! And the Onatah will get all dirty and stained and you'll regret buying a suede purse. Did it work? Have I talked you out of it? :P
  8. I've been really good and think I'm over purses for awhile. I got the "fix" fed with my Burberry Prorsum. I even have yet to use it! HAHA.

    No more Spys. I think one of each style is more than sufficient. And you don't want two slouchy bags? And gold? That's so 70's... Ok, did that work? I'm really trying to turn you off on the bag :P However, I don't guarantee the results of my attempt.
  10. DEFINITELY NO PURSES FOR YOU. Especially since you can't post the pics for us to live vicariously through you. Well, you did EVENTUALLY post the photos. But for the delay, I think you should wait at least a MONTH before the next purchase.

    Btw, just so no one gets offended--I'm merely trying to be the "voice of reason" plus entertaining and funny--so please don't think I'm being *****y or mean!
  11. Wickedassin, your brilliant! Anyone who indulges in this thread should be well aware in advance that you will try to thwart them!:lol: :lol: :lol: It just may work scotty!
  12. I need to be on your "anti-bag" watch list too!! I'm going to try to apply any extra money towards paying off my private student loans because the interest rate is just outrageous!! And if I have any extra out of that extra, I'm thinking of opening a Roth IRA sometimes this year or save it for a luxury condo/townhouse that will be opening up later this year. It's still under construction and I'm hoping with the housing market slowly going downhill, the price won't be that bad by then.
  13. Add me to that list as well lol, I'm going to open an IRA within the next month as well :biggrin:
  14. I'm loving this !!!!:lol: I really think this is needed and Amanda could help with the comments too! hee,hee:lol:
  15. DEFINITELY NO BAGS--private student loans must disappear pronto. The interest on those things is TERRIBLE and you can't consolidate them. If you haven't consolidated your gov't loans (assuming you have them), you might want to check that out if the rates are still low. They used to be something in the 3-4%.... And if you expect to buy ANY RE in CA, unless you're in Bakersfield or Fresno, you need to start saving ASAP. The money won't grow on trees for you and you can't assume that you'll marry a guy who can help your income. What if he wants to stay at home and write the great American novel?

    So no bags--even an extra hundred here and there, even $20 a month towards the private loans make a HUGE difference.