No love for the rockstud block heel?

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  1. Ladies, I can't do the pointy heels anymore. I need more stability. Does everybody hate the block heel?
  2. #2 May 22, 2016
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
    OK, I'll take that as a "YES" LOL :nuts:

    So tell me about the caged flats, that would be my next choice......I'm kinda liking them now after looking on the net.
  3. I have the block heel (shorter version) in a Red/Orange patent.. I absolutely love them. I get tons of compliments whenever I wear them and they are super comfortable!!
  4. I love the block heels too but I'm still deciding which color to get Would love to see some mod pics!
  5. This is what I'm looking for...... comfort!!! I love the look of the slim heels, but want
  6. me too! I'm torn between the tan and the gold......
  7. Definitely the gold ones! Can't find them in my size anymore :sad:
  8. I saw the block heel in store and I thought they were super cute.
  9. The block heels are gorgeous! Very on trend right now especially with more casual outfits. Let us know what you end up going with!
  10. Do you mean the sandals that come in shorter and higher heel versions? I love them!!!! Obsessed!!!
  11. :lol:yes, you are!!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm very interested in getting a pair of the block heels as they are on sale right now. I wear a 39 EU (39 in Acne Studios shoes at any rate)/ US 9. The block heels I want come in size 9/EU 39, but I've heard that Valentino shoes run small. How do you ladies find the sizing? Should I just get the 9 and try them?
  13. If they are returnable, you might as well try the 39. I did go up 1/2 in my sandals, but mine are the flat, thong version, not the block heels.
  14. I believe they are returnable, so I think I'm going to get them to at least try! They are at a pretty good deal right now :P Thanks for the help!

  15. Im typically the same size as you. In the block heel the 39 is perfect. For the rockstud flats (non caged) I needed a 39.5.