No, I didn't say THE Borg!

  1. I'm on my way to the airport shortly to pick up my Dad, and I was saying goodbye to my husband. He took a deep sniff, and said, "You smell nice, what are you wearing?". So I answered him distractedly, "24 Fauborg".
    He said, "Twenty four of the borg?" and then in a faux-French accent said, "ze resistance, eeet eees futile!" :borg:


    Needless to say, I rarely wonder why I married this guy. He never fails to make me laugh!

    oh and ps, he's aware of and has been to the Mothership, and if I'm not mistaken he actually bought me this bottle of 24 Fbg. Hee!
  2. Love your DH's sense of humour! You are one blessed lady! :tup:
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Too cute!!!!
  4. hehehe. Love it! Funny thing, that was the first movie my DH took me to on our first date!! WOW, that was long ago!
  5. Too cute, Cynthia!
  6. That's so funny! In the way of a coincidence, a co-worker asked me today if I wanted to go to the Star Trek convention in NJ with him (he added if my husband doesn't mind!) Should I bring my birkin?;)
  7. So funny!!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao: and very cute also!
  9. Star Trek? Yea, while you're at it...I think Dark Shadows has a convention too!
  10. Cynthia--*ROTF*!! Very cute. ;)
  11. LOL! Very cute DH, a good sense of humor is key in my book!
  12. Very funny! I actually dragged my DH to see that movie when it opened. He is not a Star Trek fan - when he balked, I did tell him that "Resistance is futile!".

    Having seen other die-hard trekkies in movies and news, he now says that he is "lucky" that at least I do not wear any Star Trek clothing or try to speak to him in Klingon language!!! HAHA!
  13. This is hysterical!

    I found this especially funny since I am fixated on space travel science fiction (yes I know, who knew?).
  14. lol.

    my boss is going to the dark shadows convention. oy. i hope i don't get a gift. LOL
  15. I wear "the borg" also-- get lots of compliments from my guy friends- this must be one fragrance they like.
    CYNC - very cute DH~~