Nicknames for your bbags?

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  1. To further prove to the rest of tPF that we are insane, let's post our nicknames for our bags. C' KNOW you have 'em...

    I only have one bbag right now, a blueberry first. Her name is Bebe. As in B.B. for Blue Berry.

    Past bags have been named P'nut Buttah, Jelly, Carmella, Inky McGee, ...and so on.
  2. actually, my DH names my bags. it's his way of trying to understand/humor me and my new insanity I think. my Aqua Day is Beatrice (said in French, obviously) - my two Hayden-Harnetts are Penelope and Priscilla - Chloe is, well, Chloe....and he hasn't met Cafe Work and AnthraFirst but he'll name them too, I'm sure....:heart:so sweet...
  3. OMG!! This is a crack-up!! DH casually walked by and said, "Babe, I will know you have really lost it if you start giving your bags people-names". DOH!!! Shhhh, let's not tell him I just *might*!!
  4. hmm....never actually think of any nicknames at all.....:smile:
  5. OH god...this is embarrassing.

    My (male) best friend named my most recent BBag "jenny lee." When I asked why jenny lee, he said, quote, "Oh it's the name of a really hot porn star. It seemed appropriate."

    ..I guess that's a compliment???
  6. I call my rose twiggy Miss Rose and my white city White Beauty (after Black Beauty the horse of the famous novel) ;)
  7. Every single one of my bags has a name (as does my car!)

    My bals are called as follwed

    Marine City - "Dolph" as in dolphin/marine - get it?
    Sapin Work - "Forest Gump" due to colour - shortened to forest.
    I am awaitinf deliver of an 05 bordeaux weekender and she is going to be Chianti (but I am calling her KiKi for short)

    I have trully lost the plot!
  8. ^^^^

    By the way, 'flake' says hello!
  9. Oh, this is too funny! All my bags have names -- I thought I was alone in my need to name them all. Like some of you gals, my husband has helped long the way. All mine are Little Miss something:
    black city: Little Miss Ebony
    greige twiggy: Little Miss Twigs
    red first: Little Miss Ruby
    cafe brief: Little Miss Fudge
    camel coin purse: Little Miss Moneypenny

    My husband is responsible for the last 3 names. I especially like Moneypenny, or Penny for short.

    Now I just have to get him to come up with something for my blue glacier day that I'll hopefully be getting.
  10. Our cars are always named, but only a few of my bags are.

    Blueberry day - Billie ( for the blues)
    Rouge Theatre Day - Roxy
    Green day - Punky Brewster ( because of Green Day)
  11. Sometimes I think the only reason I name my bags is to annoy my husband. I was giving my blueberry first an apple condtioner rubdown and hubby was like "I wish you'd massage ME like that!" And I said "Yes, but Bebe won't want sex afterward." And he was like "Who the hell is Bebe!" Ha ha
  12. Almost all of my bags have names. Cars too, but that's another thread...

    They aren't particularly inspired, but:
    - Inky (ink city)
    - Pinky ( BG pink city)
    - Boxey Love (rouge vif box, after Foxxy Love on Drawn Together)
    - Govinda (LV batignolles horizontal, named after the song playing in the LV store when I bought her)
    - Lucky (Hermes bolide, kicked ass at a job interview with me and helped me land a great offer)
    - Brown Sugar (Miu Miu bow satchel, exactly the color of light brown sugar)
  13. You guys are so cute!!:lol::lol:

    Some of mine:

    BBGum city = kitty as in "hello kitty" (it's hello kitty pink!)
    VG matelasse = GG (because she's grass green!)
    Rouge Vif bowling = cherry (but pronounced Cherie! she is a darling!!)
    Magenta day = foxy (it's one foxy colour!)
  14. and i thought i was the only one that gave my B bags names:

    Black city: BALY like BAL NY bc in my mind its the ICON aka staple bag for the Bbags and everyone should have one.

    Rouge Vif work: Ruby....:biggrin:
  15. I refer to my bBags as 'my lovers'....:shame::tender: