Nice and soft and huggable bag

  1. Hi ladies!
    I'm looking for a moderately big bag that's nice and soft and huggable!:nuts:
    I've checked BULGA, CHLOE and now BOTKIER STIRRUP.
    I haven't held or touched any of them so I have no idea...
    I think I'm leaning more on the botkier stirrup
    as it is more affordable than Chloe for an everyday bag
    that can also be a baby bag.:P
    Does anyone have the botkier stirrup?
    how does the leather feel?
    will it go out of style anytime soon?
    I saw this one on ebay, what do you think?
    I would really appreciate your suggestions.:yes:
    Thanks Ladies!!!:flowers:
  2. my most HUGGABLE bag is my balenciaga bags & my bottega veneta suede nappa leather.
    chloe is also very huggable :P after i despise paddington, i touched them some times ago, and i think i'm falling in love :love:
    i don't have any botkier, but the bag u show is cool :P
    good luck :smile:
  3. Thanks seahorseinstripes!:flowers:
    My friend has a balenciaga and it is a beauty and soft and huggable...:love:
    but way beyond my budget for now:sad:
  4. I have a Gustto Baca bag and the leather is sooooooo soft, even softer than my Balenciagas!

  5. I just got a Luba J. Balloon Bag and it is very soft and huggable. Great for every day, too. It is camel with the most beautiful red suede lining. I got it 50% off at Active Endeavors.
  6. I've been looking at the Gustto bags. They do look soft!
  7. It does look soft and pretty!
    I will check them out too,
    thanks! fashion_junky!:flowers:
    hope they are not pricey...
  8. Thanks katheryn!
    I'll check them too!
    I am so trying to look for some good authentic deals on ebay right now,
    I'll ask for all you ladies expertice when I find one.
    I'm also looking at the KOOBA's in SIENNA right now...
    I heard that most of them are fakes...:sad:
  9. Yes, be very careful with the Siennas on ebay. Or anything for that matter. I know there is a thread about authentic ebay sellers, and they do talk about good Kooba sellers. You might want to check that out. Also, active endeavors has the Kooba Braedon in Terriene (tan) on sale for $308. A very good deal. It looks soft, anyway! I have the Kooba Ginger in white and it is very soft.
  10. You're welcome! You should be able to find one on ebay for less than retail :flowers:
  11. Thanks seahorseinstripes!
    let you know when I finally decide on which and what kind of bag I'll get.
    Thanks for the help!
    Appreciate it very much!:flowers:
  12. i have been in love with my botkier medium bianca in dusty gold (sold out quickly). now considering balenciaga city in cornflower blue. what do you think?
  13. I don't know if you were already set on certain brands, but TJ Maxx has some great leather bags from Italy right now. Some bags even meet your description/ requirements. You might want to check there as well.
  14. My vote is Bulga..I have several of them and the leather is just scrumptious. When I carry one, I am constantly smelling the leather..and it's extremely soft buttery leather. I even caught one of my cats with her nose to the leather and kneading the bag...:P

    Check out and use "handbag30" code for additional 30% off items. Let us know what you decide!