News news news!!! Back from Macau and Hong Kong

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  1. Hi Gals,

    Boy, do I miss you!!!:love:

    I am back from my week-long break to Macau and Hong Kong.

    Macau is going to have a Chanel and Louis Vuitton side-by-side in the new Four Seasons Hotel next to The Venetian Macau!!!! Pls see pic below - on the left is Chanel and on the right is LV.

    And the Venetian is lovely and oh-so-opulent!

    But oh, who could resist going to Chanel at Wynn Macau? (See the 2nd pic below.) And I met just the friendliest SA called Kerri Chou there!

    They still have the Metallic Navy in, I think, 228 (wow, big bag!), the patent flap that looks like 2 flap bags joined together (pardon the description) and the patent clutch which again looks like 2 joined into 1.

    I spotted also the pink and mango EW flaps (is it called new chain? anyhows, it is neither the metal and leather interwoven chain nor the reissue chain; but is the very light one!) Wow, too bad they did not have the med size one, otherwise, ooooo, poor pocket, poor bank account but hey, fortunate shoulder!

    Great accessories, of cos and J12 and Chanel exclusive perfumes.

    In Hong Kong, well, there are just too many Chanels in Hong Kong (8), since Hong Kong is really THE fashion capital in Asia. I checked out only Chanels at The Pacific Place and The Peninsula and wow, they have many many bags! Sighted the huge satin bow bag at The Peninsula Chanel. Sorry, I did not dare take pics and really have no idea what the names are (and have been away from TPF for 1 week:wtf:) but they look like the expandable and comes in black; white with green. And some other bags.

    I also tried on the jumbo at Wynn, but nope, looks enormous on me, wish it looks as good on me as it does on the TPF gals who own them. One can only hope...

    Overall, it is a great trip!:tup:
    DSC03123.jpg DSC03189.jpg
  2. Welcome back! Ooh I was in HK too last weekend! I think the friendliest SA I met is Amy from one of the TST branch! Too bad I didn't get anything from her!
  3. Babevivtan: May I know the size of the pink flap you saw in Wynn? How much is it?
    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  4. Good to have you back babevivtan!! Thanks for the update!
  5. Hi margaritas - oh so nice to meet an SA who is not snobbish yar? hee hee

    Hi emmyemmy - i believe it was abt SGD2K plus which is UD$1K plus? I did a rough calculation cos I was smittened by the pink!
  6. bagmad73 - how nice of you! Tks :love:
  7. wow..they have the patent reissue double compartment...what color?? is it red?? :drool: geezz..too bad im on purse ban :hysteric:
  8. Thanks for posting this~ If i'm visitin HK, will not miss out these new stores...LOL
  9. AWWWWW BABEVIVTAN!!! I'm so jealous that you got to visit Hong Kong and Macau.. I've always wanted to visit Macau!!!!!!!!!

    LUCKY LUCKY YOU!!! hehehe
  10. Hi I-shop - i saw blue, hmm... dun think i saw a red tho....

    Celia - You have to check out the Chanels at HK (no GST there and with the favourable exchange rate!), I went to 7 out of the 8 there last Sep! haha....and do check out the new LV store at TST too, I did not go this time cos there was just not enough time and saw at Wynn Macau's LV that they have new purple and pink for the Epi ligne! I am digressing, forgive me, ok back to Chanel. Oh and I missed the Chanel Exhibition too cos DH was unwell when we reached Macau (not sure if it is the ferry ride from Macau to HK but I almost puked during the 1hr ferry ride too), and frankly I was caught up with so many other things in HK that I FORGOT about the exhibition! And by the time I remember it, we had some stuff to see to (like buying dried scallops, etc and buying books cos Chinese books are cheap there) so I had to prioritise and told DH it was all right to miss the exhibition cos I did not want him to tire himself as he was recovering. I saw THE exhibition flap at Pacific Place Chanel tho and wow, the orangy-red signature looks great!

    joools3 - you sweetie, it will be a long flight for you but well worth it, shop and eat, shop and eat.....lots of stuff to see in HK too, like Ocean Park, and the new albeit small Disneyland (good too that it is this small, i.e. you can complete it in a day in a relaxed mood, no need to rush and rush like mad, and stay to view the fireworks).
  11. Oh if i recall, i did still see the metallic red reissue at The Peninsula Chanel.

    Navy reissue at Pacific Place, with metallic red and metallic navy reissue wallets too.
  12. Hi dear ... wooooo... what a fruitfull trip for you ... you should make it at least an annual trip ..hehee
  13. Hi IceEarl - yar my last trip was only Sep 07 but it seems such a logn time ago, i tot was Sep 2006 but hey, I was not married then so could not have had gone with DH! Haha..... Love love love HK! How I envy you, gal!
  14. Heh heh, I'm going back to HK for my annual shopping trip. Thanks for the updates. I will definitely try my best to visit ALL EIGHT of those chanel boutiques! Holy moly, I think my pocket might just die!
  15. OMG... they built the hotel exactly the same like the one in Vegas... even the stores are the same...