Newbie who now loves the orange boxes...

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  1. I was always intimidated whenever I walked into Hermes as the prices were too expensive. Being to be able to only BUY from a list scared me. Wait for a year or maybe more, no way. Whilst I was in Paris and London last year, I put my name down for a Black Birkin in 35cm. Who knew that it would be ready by year end and definitely my aunt who has been a collector since the 1980's has helped me get one MUCH quicker. So this is a Christmas present from her to me. Boy was it beautiful and the feeling of seeing that bright orange box just made me crazy. I even took half day off to receive this gift. She had to HAND CARRY my baby all the way from London. I unwrapped it immediately and took it to work. The charm that came with it is TDF!!! I being a newbie had a hard time figuring out how the hippo was to UNLOCK. But now it's that screw that drove me crazy. Oh boy, how the little things amazes me.

    The rain kit humored me as it's just like caring for my little doggy, except this baby is less animated. :roflmfao:

    I just wanted to let the TPF-ers know how this bag has made my day, and would like to share the joy especially around the holidays.

    I hope there is more to come. Thanks ladies for the inspiration....

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  2. Welcome to the H side and congrats!
  3. Welcome and congrats!!! Love the Hippo! I know it took me forever to figure out how he opened. :sweatdrop:
  4. Congrats! Is that clemence? (I am bad at recognizing leathers).
  5. Mazal Tov! Good to see you here. :smile:
  6. Congrats!!! Birkins are HOT HOT HOT!
  7. Welcome!! Trust me when I say this will be ur first out of many H bags that u will have!! It wasn't even a year ago that I told myself, "NO WAY in HELL would I ever spend nor think its worth it to spend this much $$$ on a handbag!" It hasn't even been a year and I'm on my 3rd H bag!!! My best friend who bought her first bag last year makes fun of me all the time about saying that bc it was directed at her!!!:graucho: :graucho: :P

  8. WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!!!! And HUGE congratulations on your beautiful Birkin!!!! I love it and the hippo looks so cute dangling from the turn-lock!!!! Enjoy your new baby!!!!!!
  9. Beautiful - LOVE :heart: the adorable hippo
  10. JUST BEAUTIFUL!! and LOVE the Cadena!! Congratulations and WELCOME:heart:
  11. WELCOME!!!! Enjoy your new beauty!
  12. Wow, she is beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy!
  13. Congrats and welcome to the orange side!
  14. Very nice!!! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  15. Welcome and Congrats. She is beautiful. The hippo is on my Christmas list.